Plumbing Repair Information for DIY Care

Plumbing Repair Information for DIY Care

Your alarm goes off, you head to the bathroom...... the toilet is clogged. You hop in the shower, the faucet won't work. You finally get water, but it is colder than the dead of winter. You go down to your basement to investigate and find yourself standing in six inches of water flooding from a broken pipe in the wall. While all of this may not happen on the same day, plumbing repair in Indianapolis happens on a large scale all over the city. Roto-Rooter has been on call since 1935 and has experienced the best and the worse plumbing has to offer. With all of the experience we have gained, we've decided to pass along some information to help you take better care of your home's plumbing.

  • Clogged drains are no laughing matter. Clogs block off flow quickly and can lead to flooding in no time. Bathroom drains often clog because of hair build up in showers. Soap, dirt and scum also get caught in in the mix, which makes a tough clog. Try using a screwdriver, first remove all the visible gunk and grime. After, try using pipe cleaner,  it should take care of the remaining gunk clinging to the sides of the drain. Kitchen sinks have the same type of clogging problem,  but with food particles, soap, and dirt. While drain cleaners are a great option, boiling water is a more natural solution. Great for bathroom and kitchen drains, boiling water will help strip away gunk and grime. Do this once a week and your clog problems will continue to disappear.
  • Frozen pipes are a dozy. When temperatures plummet this winter, don't leave yourself vulnerable. As  water starts to freeze in a pipe, little pockets of air try to escape from the expanding ice. The increase in pressure forces the air out. If trapped, the air will burst through a pipe forming a crack or shattering the line entirely.  Unfortunately, flooding is usually a common end result to a frozen pipe. To prevent this flooding from happening, make sure to increase your insulation efforts. Additionally, you can wrap  pipes, which are more at risk with special plumbing insulators.

For more information on how you can perform plumbing repair in Indianapolis, call Roto-Rooter today.

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