Plumbing Issues and Simple Fixes

Plumbing Issues and Simple Fixes

Whether you live in Dallas, New York City or Indianapolis, plumbing issues are pretty similar, if not the same across the board. On top of that, with the experience we have gained with plumbing in Indianapolis and other locations, we are more than qualified to arrive promptly and get the issue fixed efficiently. While our certified staff of trained plumbing technicians can handle any problem thrown at them, why not prevent a few of the larger ones and save yourself a bundle using some of our great home products? Performing DIY repairs on your own plumbing are easy to do and will help prevent more serious plumbing issues.

  • Frozen pipes hit homes across the country every winter. As the water starts to freeze, pressure builds and pushes on trapped air. These little pockets of air try to find a way out, and eventually do, bursting through the side of a pipe forming a crack or shattering the pipe altogether. In order to avoid serious flooding, which typically occurs with frozen pipes, make sure to increase the insulation that runs along your waterline.  Putting more insulation between pipes and outer walls can better protect your plumbing throughout the winter.
  • Water heater failure. Most water heaters only end up last about 11 years. While they are built to last even double that amount of time, the daily stress with constant use and no maintenance eventually leads to full system failure. Hard water is a serious culprit. As water is already plenty erosive and damaging to pretty much anything if given enough time, hard water is even worse. Installing a full functioning water softener in the waterline will make sure that your water heater lasts a lot longer.
  • Clogged toilets are another common issue, which in most cases, can be easily fixed. To avoid getting toilet bowl clogs, make sure everyone in your home understands what can and cannot be flushed. First off, never flush garbage, paper, plastic or any hard substance down the toilet. These items will get stuck immediately and require the services of a Roto-Rooter technician to clear. Only flush toilet paper, waste and approved plumbing care products. Pipe cleaner is another great way to keep your drain running smoothly. Using a toilet plunger will do the job in most cases and help keep your flushes flow normally.

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