Plumbing Inspections from Roto-Rooter

Plumbing Inspections from Roto-Rooter

As a homeowner, one of the very best things you can do for your home is to schedule an annual inspection with a Roto-Rooter technician. After living in a house for a number of years, you get familiar with its quirks, needs, and setbacks concerning repairs and other maintenance. While some areas are easy to anticipate problems, plumbing remains elusive and mysterious because you cannot see the majority of what goes on underneath your floorboards and behind your walls. Scheduling an inspection for plumbing in Minneapolis is a great way to uncover some of the mystery and make a plan of action.

One of the most common things we find during these types of inspections is some kind of slow leak. Waterlines in your walls or under the floor can start to leak very slightly over time. This small amount of water gets absorbed into the structure and can start to warp the wood. Aside from the water damage that takes place, it is also a perfect environment for mold growth. Most molds will cause air quality problems by releasing small spores into your living space's breathable air. If certain molds start to grow, like black mold, you are at risk of serious respiratory problems and even death. With the help of a Roto-Rooter professional, we can make sure that you get the appropriate services to completely eradicate mold growth from your property.

Another reason that yearly inspections are so important is to gather information about your plumbing layout. For example, you may find that a particular bathroom in your home, no matter what you do, has clogged toilets and drains at the drop of a hat, even after using cleaning products and tools. An inspection can often times reveal serious layout problems with your home plumbing. Knowing these problems can help you concentrate on recommended solutions so that you can finally take care of your plumbing effectively.

The next time you schedule an inspection; don't forget to ask about our water heater service options as well. Our technicians are trained and experienced with all different make and model types and can perform maintenance, repair, and cleaning so that your heating unit is always up and running at optimal levels. Having these tune-ups done regularly will help your heating unit last a lot longer and perform with fewer problems along the way.

For more information about plumbing in Minneapolis and how Roto-Rooter can help you, give us a call today to speak with a friendly representative.

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