Plumbing Giving Your Fits? Call Roto-Rooter

Plumbing Giving Your Fits? Call Roto-Rooter

Moving into your first home is a very exciting experience. It is a big responsibility to own your own home, but the rewards far outweigh the negative aspects. You can paint your bedroom blue, the nursery yellow, and the family room brown if you so desire and no one can tell you different. No one will complain about the number of nails you put into the walls to hang pictures either. However, when plumbing problems rear their ugly heads, it is your privilege to figure out how to fix them. You will find it extremely helpful to have Roto-Rooter in your rolodex.

Now that you no longer have a building superintendent to call during emergencies, it will fall to you to handle repairs and maintenance.  Remember that small problems will turn into large, costly problems if they are neglected for too long. Leaking water must be dealt with speedily. It can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It will ruin furniture, ceilings and flooring. Mold and mildew can become an issue.

Any plumbing problems that you find deserve your immediate attention.  When you’ve got water flooding the first thing you should do is locate and turn off the water main shut off valve. The sooner you turn off that valve, the less clean up there will be. Your children and spouse also need to know how to shut it off. Shut off this valve when you are on an extended vacation and your home is empty. Turn off the water tap to your washing machine as well.

Create a maintenance calendar for all the appliances, systems, and machinery in your home and garage that need regular servicing. This will help you keep up with everything. Walk through your home and yard and make a list of everything that will need to fixed, maintained or serviced. Schedule those service calls for a month or two in advance so that the service technicians can easily fit you in.

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