Plumbers’ Tips for Making Your Plumbing Quieter

Plumbers’ Tips for Making Your Plumbing Quieter

Has a ghostly clanging ever awakened you in the early hours of the morning? Do your kids cry at night about monsters hiding in their walls? The real problem may not be spooky ghosts but rather a problem with your plumbing. Some plumbing sounds can be difficult to fix, especially if you are unable to locate the source of the noise. If you can’t easily reach your pipes, you need to call professional plumbers in Baltimore. At Roto-Rooter, we can help you with plumbing noise issues that you can’t take care of yourself.  However, if you have exposed pipes or pipes that are easy to access without destroying your walls, you may be able to fix the problem on your own.

To locate the source of clanging pipes, turn on the water. You can then follow the sound and look for movement in one or more of your pipes. Once you locate the moving pipe, you can determine what is causing the sound. Loose clamps are usually the cause of noise. Lucky for you, if a loose clamp is your problem, it is an easy fix. Use a piece of rubber to wedge between the pipe and the clamp. In most cases, this should eliminate noise issues. However, if the pipe is clanking against the wall, you may want to wedge a piece of wood between the wall and the pipe or use strapping to hold it in place.

There are a number of plumbing problems that create noise. If you’re having difficulty identifying noise problems in your pipes, you will likely need to contact one of the many professional plumbers in Baltimore. You may have an issue, which professionals refer to as water hammer. Water hammer is occurs when water flowing through your pipes is brought to a sudden halt. Properly installed plumbing should have air chambers, which cushion the water and reduce the amount of noise. Over time, water absorbs the air in the chambers and they will need to be drained. A professional plumber can help you fix your waterlogged air chambers to reduce water hammer noise.

Don’t suffer through the annoying sound of clanging pipes anymore. Contact Roto-Rooter for a professional plumber today!

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