Planning to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Planning to Avoid Plumbing Problems

It is frustrating when you have to clean up from plumbing problems and then call in the plumber to come and fixe an issue with the plumbing. Not only did you have a mess and potentially had some things ruined, you had the expense of a professional plumber. So, here are some tips to think about in order to make sure you avoid and problems with the plumbing.

  1. If you are building a home now, make some changes to the plumbing design before it goes in. If you are in this spot you have a tremendous advantage because you can make fundamental design changes that will help you avoid issues when you are in your home. Talk to the plumber and pick their brains about what could be done from a design perspective that would help eliminate the most common plumbing issues. It may cost you more now, but that is far better than the headache and continued expense later for plumbing repairs.
  2. Use some pipe cleaners on a regular basis. Make it a routine as part of the deep cleaning days. By doing this you are going to keep the lines clear and free from the common backups that happen when months of build up from the junk that ends up down the drain essentially builds a dam.
  3. Close the lids to the toilets. This seems like a simple step, but so many of the troubles with the plumbing are a result of young toddlers putting things on the toilet and then flushing. By closing the lid you protect yourself because they are not strong enough to lift the lid.
  4. You can also put plugs in the drains of all the sinks for the same reason. While this will help, it is a bit annoying to always need to remove the plugs just to wash your hands, brush teeth and anything else.
  5. Make some clear rules with your children about what can and cannot go down the garbage disposal. Many plumbing problems arise because things were sent down the disposal that should not have been.

By following these simple steps you can avoid a lot of problems and enjoy clear plumbing for a long time. Of course, that does not mean that you will be without plumbing problems at some time in life, but you can reduce greatly the number of times you find yourself in this situation.

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