Marketing Home Services to Millennials

Marketing Home Services to Millennials

Restroom Manners“…And away your troubles down the drain, Roto-Rooter!” - that’s the way parents and grandparents remembered our famous jingle, which has played at the end of radio and TV commercials for generations. However, a new generation of homeowners doesn’t depend solely on radio and TV to learn about home services providers. Millennials use different tools to educate themselves before hiring service providers. According to The Washington Post, the percentage of homeowners under the age of 35 is now up to 34.1%. That makes them a very attractive demographic for plumbers, carpet cleaners, electricians and pest control companies.

Roto-Rooter’s efforts to create brand awareness to Millennials has been quite successful. By taking bolder marketing approaches with a stronger emphasis on social media marketing, Roto-Rooter has successfully made its name more recognizable and relatable to Millennials. Roto-Rooter understands that traditional media channels have less influence on many Millennials, who spend a great deal of time on their smart phones using social media platforms. Roto-Rooter’s use of humor to deliver useful information via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram helps the plumbing, drain and water damage cleanup company’s brand messaging to break through media clutter.

Roto-Rooter’s latest campaign called “Restroom Manners” is a series of funny videos designed to grab millennials’ attention with relatable scenarios that happen to men in public restrooms. This campaign touches on everything from intruding on another individual’s personal space to the “courtesy flush”. The 10-video series is being featured on both Facebook and YouTube. While Millennials seem to easily relate to the humorous situations portrayed in the videos, some older viewers aren’t as comfortable with the idea of shining a spotlight on the goings on inside public restrooms. It seems restroom behavior remains a taboo subject for some older viewers and a few have expressed their dissatisfaction with the content. Online demographic targeting within each social network helps Roto-Rooter place the videos in front of more Millennials while avoiding most older viewers, though sometimes the videos get shared and accidentally find their way to a more mature audience.

The Restroom Manners series follows successful humorous videos Roto-Rooter has produced for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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