Laudry Room Plumbing is often overlooked by homeowners

Laudry Room Plumbing is often overlooked by homeowners

Because of the big appliances that dominate a laundry Room, we don't often think of it in terms of being a central hub for your home's plumbing. But as plumbers here in Tampa, we can tell you for certain that we deal with lots of plumbing problems in the laundry room.  There are incoming hot and cold water lines for the washing machine and sometimes for a laundry tub sink. There's also an important drain that carries away the washwater from your washing machine. When it backs up, you've got trouble. And of course the drain for the tub sink, which can clog from time to time. Finally, some laundry rooms are equipped with a floor drain to carry away water that spills on the floor.

Laundry Room Tips and Maintenance
•Run the washing machine only when it has a full load.
•Inspect washing machine hoses for signs of wear. Replace rubber hoses with stainless steel braided hoses. They last longer and are resistant to leaks and cracks.
•Ensure that all drains have strainers to keep hair, soap and debris from entering and clogging the drain lines.
•Use a strainer on your washing machine hose. Hardware stores have strainers specially designed to fit laundry hoses.
•Check exposed pipes under sinks for signs of leaks.
•Apply Roto-Rooter® Pipe Shield® to laundry drain lines once each month to keep lint and detergent scum from building up and causing clogs.
•To prevent sewer gases from backing up into your home through your laundry sink drain or other infrequently used drains, periodically pour a bucket of water down the drain to keep the trap seal full.
For more laundry room plumbing tips, check out the laundry room page on our website. And if you want one of Tampa's best plumbers to assist you with any problems you're having, visit our home page and schedule a service call or call us at 813-980-6000.

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