Jersey City Roto-Rooter Offers Leak Detection Tips

Jersey City Roto-Rooter Offers Leak Detection Tips

If left untreated, a leak in a bathroom fixture or pipe can cost a lot of money in repairs, especially if it causes serious damage to the walls, flooring and paint. But many of the signs of a leak are not obvious.  Here are some tips from Jersey City Roto-Rooter to catch the subtle clues to possible bathroom leaks.

  1. Mildew or Mold- even if you scrub and clean the bathroom daily, mold and mildew will continue to appear if there is a faulty leak in the plumbing. Mold thrives on moisture and dark areas in objects like pipes, walls, flooring. The longer it takes for leak detection, the faster the mold will grow.
  2. Damaged Paint or Wallpaper- when water and moisture get between the paint and wallpaper and the wall, it eliminates the bond and begins to separate the two. Eventually the paint will chip off and fall and the wallpaper will come completely loose.
  3. Damaged Walls- water damage due to leaks can cause warped or stained walls because when dry wall is exposed to water it becomes soft and begins to bubble.
  4. Damaged Flooring- a leak can cause a bathroom floor to buckle, crack and begin to stain. Depending on the type of flooring, moisture can make it spongy and soft and become completely loose.
  5. Stains on Ceiling-stains on the ceiling of a lower floor are good indications of leaking in the bathrooms or water supplies in the upper levels. Any brown, copper or dark stains are probably caused by water damage and leakage above.
  6. Smell- old, accumulated water from a leak in a pipe tends to smell and give off very musky, unwelcoming fumes. Because the water is hidden it never gets the chance to dry.

You can save on these costly problems and on your water bill if you detect leaks and stop them fast.  Jersey City Roto-Rooter can help detect leaks and correct them in bathrooms and other sinks, etc. throughout the home.

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