How to Save Water

How to Save Water

Most homeowners are overwhelmed by the substantial costs and responsibilities associated with home ownership. Fortunately, there are several changes you can make to help save a significant amount of water and money in a short amount of time. Saving water is all of our responsibilities and can be accomplished at any age and for any lifestyle.

Whenever possible, take measures to save water, such as taking shorter showers, turning off the water when brushing your teeth or cleaning dishes, and other small changes. There are also larger, more significant changes that you can make to save even more water and money on your utility bills.

Check for Leaks

It is important to check everywhere for signs of a leak. While this is recommended on a regular basis, simply checking all pipes, plumbing fixtures, and major appliances once every season can be enough to help you catch and correct a leak before it becomes a major problem.

Even a small leak can add up to a big waste of money in a very short period of time. It is important that you deal with any leaks in the home quickly and call a plumber if simple fixes cannot do the trick. Typically, bathroom leaks are found in the toilet, faucets, and water hose bibs. These common leaks can lead to up to 200 gallons of wasted water per day.

Water Meter Test

You can easily read your water meter during a time that you are not using water, wait two hours, and check the meter again to see if it has changed. This can indicate a water leak.

Invest in Water-Saving Equipment

Water-saving features and equipment can help to reduce your home water usage by up to 35%, which can lead to big savings. The most common water-saving options include low-flow showerheads and higher efficiency toilets. Speak with your plumber about which options are best for your home, personal needs, and budget.

Ask a Plumber

Your local Roto-Rooter in Modesto is a valued source of information and can provide you with tips, seasonal information, and small lifestyle changes that you can make to help save water, energy, and money around your home. In the event that you have a leak or other plumbing problem, make sure to leave the work to a trained professional who has the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to safely and efficiently deal with the problem at hand.

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