How to Install a New Washing Machine Hose

How to Install a New Washing Machine Hose

The first step, besides maybe pulling the washing machine out from the wall so you can get to the hose, is to turn off the hot and cold water supply valves. These valves are usually located on the wall behind your washing machine, and you can find them simply by following the hoses. There are two, so make sure you turn both completely off before starting. Also, disconnect the washing machine from the electricity. While it’s unlikely you would get shocked anyway, you always want to be careful when electricity and water are close to each other.


Once everything is off, you can begin disconnecting whatever hoses you are going to replace. Most hoses are disconnected simply by screwing them counterclockwise with your hand (which end to disconnect first is really up to you). These hoses will likely still have some water in them, so if you don’t have a floor drain you’re going to want a bucket to place them in to prevent them from spilling on the floor.


Connecting the new hoses is simply the previous step in reverse, but with a few more precautions. Sometimes a hose will develop problems more quickly because of the way it is set up, so you want to avoid a few situations that can create problems. Make sure your washing machine is far enough away from the back wall that there are no sharp bends. If you have extra length in the hose, be sure it is gently coiled so it isn’t folding back on itself.

Double Check

Before plugging the washing machine back in or running a load, double check to make sure everything has been reconnected properly. As long as the two supply hoses and drain hoses are connected at both ends, you’re good to go. Your new hoses should last for at least a few years, but now that you know how to replace them, you won’t worry so much about them wearing out in the future.

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