How to Deal With Plumbing Problems: Roto Rooter

How to Deal With Plumbing Problems: Roto Rooter

Are you sick and tired of plumbing issues popping up at the most inconvenient times? It seems that the toilet only clogs when friends come over and the tub won't drain when guests are visiting for the weekend. With plumbing problems happening when you least expect them, it is important to learn how to anticipate them through regular maintenance and cleaning. Most people are guilty or forgetting about their plumbing until a problem arises, so don't feel bad. Roto Rooter is all about helping customers and future customers take better care of their plumbing through quality service, great products, and sound advice. With our many years in the plumbing industry and our millions of house calls we have made, you can count on us for helpful information that can be useful to you.

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing issues out there. When water goes down the drain, it takes a toll on the pipes it passes through. Because water is one of the most corrosive fluids in nature, it doesn't take too much to clog a previously free flowing drain. Water passes through brass pipes and can east away at the small imperfections. This can cause faucets to spring leaks, drains to clog, and pipes to weaken. Here are some ways to prevent this from happening to your plumbing.

  • Run hot water down the drain once a week. The hot water can loosen gunk and grime that clings so desperately to the sides of your drainpipes.
  • Pipe cleaner, like Roto Rooter Pipe Shield and other Roto Rooter approved products quickly and efficiently clear out drains and can strip them clean. It is only recommended to use these pipes once a month as they contain harsher chemicals that can also eat away at your pipe walls weakening them over time if used too much.
  • Use a drain filter to catch garbage from going down the drain. Especially in kitchen, drain filters prevent solids like food from going down the drain. Another thing to note is that human hair is virtually indestructible. Many harsh chemicals cannot get rid of clogs caused by hair. In these cases you may need to call a professional Roto Rooter plumbing technician to come out and do a full cleaning in order to get these types of clogs freed.

For information on how to deal with other types of plumbing problems, look on our website for more helpful blog posts or call a local Roto Rooter today!

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