Hot Water Heater Problems and Solutions

Hot Water Heater Problems and Solutions

With as many hot water heater problems as our technicians have faced over the years, it is no wonder that Roto-Rooter has become the expert in water heater repair. Because water heaters work around the clock, lack of regular maintenance and repair makes them vulnerable to failure and other diminished performance issues. In addition, water heaters have a lot of different components, involving electricity, gas, fire, and hot water, making it dangerous for people to try out home repair ideas without someone certified close by.

Regular Tune-ups

 It is important to schedule yearly inspections and tune-ups for all of your plumbing appliances. With minimal maintenance, a water heater will last anywhere for eight to ten years. With a little extra attention and regular cleanings, a unit can last almost twice as long, while putting out great performance along the way. A Roto-Rooter technician can come out to your home and make sure that all of the different components of the water heater are in place and working properly. If any repairs need to be made, the technician will let you know what your options are and leave the final decision to you.

During your next Roto-Rooter visit, make sure that the technician also takes a close look at the water softener. If the softener has not been functioning properly, there will be lots of calcium buildup inside of your water heater. To clean this out requires a system flush.


 It is important to keep the water heater clean as much as possible. To do this quickly and efficiently, use the following steps to perform a system flush:

First, attach a hose to the drainage valve on the bottom of the water heater.

  1. Second, run the hose to the nearest drain with a large enough basin to prevent overflow.
  2. Third, turn off the cold water coming into the tank.
  3. Now, open the drainage valve and let the water drain out. Be careful not to touch this water coming out, as it will be very hot.
  4. Next, after the tank is completely empty, turn the cold water back on that fills the tank.
  5. Let the cold water flush the sediment and dirt buildup out of the tank through the drainage valve.
  6. After the tank is cleaned, firmly turn the drainage valve switch to the off position before removing the hose.

By performing a system flush once or twice a year, most hot water heater problems will be avoided completely.

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