Home Plumbing Maintenance Resources from Roto-Rooter

Home Plumbing Maintenance Resources from Roto-Rooter

One of the hardest systems to maintain for homeowners is the plumbing. Everyday, home plumbing systems suffer from neglect and develop serious issues that turn into even bigger messes. Whether you have trouble with your pipes freezing every winter, struggle with constantly clogged drains, or fumble with a failing water heater, you need the correct tools, knowledge and resources to not only fix what is visible, but to find solutions to the root problems. With the help of Roto-Rooter, millions of happy customers have found the services, products and tools they need to repair and maintain their home plumbing systems. Take the following advice from us to improve your home plumbing repair efforts.

Schedule a Home Plumbing Inspection

Call Roto-Rooter today to schedule a home plumbing inspection. A technician will come out to your home and perform a thorough and comprehensive look at your entire plumbing layout from top to bottom. Taking careful notes, the technician can sit down with you upon completion and summarize his or her findings. With this information and the suggestions from the technician, you will be able to make appropriate plans for the different areas of your home plumbing that require your immediate attention and prevent serious issues from getting out of hand.

The Dangers of Slow Leaks

Many times, we find water pipes that have failed to some degree, leaking water into the walls of a structure. The escaped water absorbs into the wood of the structure, creating water damage and a perfect environment for mold growth. It is extremely important to schedule mold remediation services to clean the premise thoroughly. Extended exposure to mold spores can cause disease, serious allergic reaction and even death, if given enough time. While the water damage of your home can be easily fixed, the health of a loved one often times cannot be.

Water Heater Maintenance

One very touchy area of most home plumbing systems is the water heater. These units run all day, continually heating up a large supply of water. Even when not in use, these heaters don't shut off. This creates ample opportunity for a system to break down if not maintained properly. To keep a water heater in good condition and maintain excellent performance requires regular cleaning and repair. After your next in-home plumbing inspection, schedule a tune-up with one of our qualified technicians to help the water-heating unit work well and last longer.

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