5 Holiday Plumbing Tips in Reading, PA | Roto-Rooter

5 Holiday Plumbing Tips in Reading, PA | Roto-Rooter

5 Holiday Plumbing Tips in ReadingIt's a wonderful time of the year. Although the weather is starting to turn colder, spirits are high in Reading, Pennsylvania. Holiday celebrations might mean you'll be playing host to plenty of friends and family throughout the season. That said, you're going to be putting your plumbing through its paces. Not only will you have more people using the bathrooms and visiting the kitchen, additional food preparation can also overwork your drains and pipes.

Here are five holiday plumbing tips to get you and your plumbing through the season without problems:

  1. Insulate your pipes

    Frozen pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems throughout the winter months. And if your pipes freeze, they could burst and spray throughout the house. It’s a mess and inconvenience no one wants at any time of the year, but especially not during the holidays. One of the easiest ways to prevent frozen pipes and protect your plumbing is to insulate your pipes from the cold air. This holds especially true for pipes around the outer walls of your house and older plumbing that may be exposed. Simply wrap insulation (the same pink stuff you might find in an unfinished part of your house, like an attic) or heat tape around your pipes. When you insulate your pipes, the added protection from the cold will go a long way to prevent freezing.

  2. Leave faucets dripping

    During very cold weather, leave your faucets dripping slowly. Although it's only a small flow of water, it's enough to prevent frozen pipes. If you notice slower water flow and suspect freezing, call a plumber immediately. Issues like this often can be resolved before any damage occurs. View our plumbing basics to learn more about the plumbing throughout your home.

  3. Plan water usage

    It may seem like a no brainer, but it's worth repeating: Do your best to space out showers. If not, the piping hot shower you were looking forward to may turn into a cold stream. Turn up the temperature on the water heater to 125°F, which will provide more hot water but reduce the chance of scalding. Also, run the dishwasher and washing machine after everyone has showered.
  1. Use the garbage disposal sparingly

    Well, to use it sparingly would be impossible around the holidays. But, use it as intended for only small scraps off plates. Scrape food off plates and into the trash can before rinsing, and toss those food preparation mess in the can as well. Never dump grease down your drain or garbage disposal. And, be careful that things like bones and skin from turkey and chicken, celery, egg shells and rice don’t find their way into the disposal, as these don’t grind well and can cause clogs.

  2. Check outside faucets

    Some plumbing problems that come with the colder weather result from no outside preparation. Prevent frozen pipes by disconnecting hoses and sprinklers from outside faucets. Turn off the water to those faucets. Drain the lines and insulate the spigots with kits purchased from your local hardware or home improvement store. Learn more about protecting your plumbing all year round with our helpful seasonal plumbing tips.
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