Seattle Fans - Fix Your Refrigerator Before Kickoff | Roto Rooter

Seattle Fans - Fix Your Refrigerator Before Kickoff | Roto Rooter

Seattle Fans - Fix Your Refrigerator Before KickoffFix your fridge before kickoff to save your football viewing party.

Your favorite time of the year: NFL football season. You and your friends live for Sundays. Cold beer, great snacks and even better company each and every time you guys gather at one of your houses to watch the Seattle Seahawks battle hard to get back to yet another Super Bowl.

You've put on your jersey and you're waiting for your guests to arrive. This is the first game of the year that you are in charge of hosting and you want it to go off without a hitch. Do yourself a favor and check on all of the goodies you are keeping fresh in the fridge. It will only take a second and save you the trouble of scrambling if there's a major plumbing problem. Here are a few common problems you should be on the lookout for and solutions to ensure the event goes off without a hitch:

Leaky fridge
It's possible that you notice a puddle beginning to form either inside your fridge, outside of it or underneath the doors. It's fairly common for puddles to form outside of the fridge, but, luckily, the fix is pretty easy. Leaks often occur because of icemaker issues.

Turning off the valve to the icemaker will most likely fix your puddle problem right away and give you time to think about your next step. Try tightening the bolt on the line leading to the icemaker. If that doesn't work, however, it could be a result of a hole in the piping or supply line, which is a bigger problem. Call your local professional plumber so he or she can patch up your pipe leak or pick up a new water supply tube and repair your refrigerator back to its best condition.

If the puddle is somewhere inside your fridge, there's most likely a problem with the refrigerator itself. But you don't want any of the food you have in your fridge getting soaked with water. You may need to call an appliance repairman.

No ice
You're going to need ice for all of your delicious beverages. Unless you want to nominate a friend to pick up a giant bag of it on the way to your house, you're going to need to fix the icemaker that picked this inconvenient time to stop working. Start by checking to make sure it didn't accidentally get switched off. Look at the wire arm right next to your icemaker. It turns off when it's raised, so if that's the case, simply lowering the wire again will resolve the problem. If that easy fix won’t work, it's possible there's a leak or block in the pipes themselves. You'd be better off calling your plumber to fix these kinds of problems because they require some level of expertise and tools that you most likely do not own.

Wrong temperature inside your fridge
It's not a good scenario for your refrigerator to be either too hot or too cold. If it's too cold, a layer of frost will form over all the food and drinks you have inside your fridge. This is probably due to a leaking door gasket (which regulates the level of coolness). A simple replacement of this piece will probably fix your problem, although it may be tricky to get. Your best bet would be to call an appliance repairman in Seattle to handle it. If your refrigerator isn't getting cold enough, the condenser coils are probably just extremely dirty. Clean the coils (they're underneath your fridge) and use a vacuum attachment or cloth to remove dust and other dirt.

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