Fix Your Leaky Toilet and Save Big Bucks

Fix Your Leaky Toilet and Save Big Bucks

Have you ever noticed that the toilet in your bathroom has been running non-stop? You jiggle the handle  and then remove the lid from the tank to see if all the parts are functioning correctly. A leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day if left unchecked. If your toilet has recurring problems with running or leaking, it needs repaired or replaced

If you are a home owner, it is good to learn some simple home maintenance skills including basic toilet repair. The toilet is used on average 6 to 8 times a day by each member of the family.  A fixture that sees this much traffic in a day needs regular maintenance and repairs.

If you suspect you have a leaky toilet then you need to check if there is water going into your overflow pipe. There are online tutorials on how to fix toilets and you may find it useful to watch one before you tackle the job.  If water is going into the overflow tube, you will need to adjust the fill valve so the water stops one inch from the top. You can also test the flush valve mechanism by putting some food coloring in the tank. Wait about fifteen minutes and then check it. If there is colored water in the bowl you will need to replace either the ball or flapper.

Are you having trouble getting the toilet to flush?  It is very aggravating watching the water rise in the toilet and then spill over onto your floor.  There is most likely an obstruction somewhere that is not allowing the water to go down. Little children seem to be fascinated with flushing things from large quantities of toilet paper to little toys down the toilet.  If you have one of these lodged somewhere along the line you will need Roto-Rooter to use their special drain cleaning tool with rotating blades to cut through the obstruction and get your toilet flowing properly again.

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