Don't Let Leaks Linger

Don't Let Leaks Linger

All Tampa plumbers of Roto-Rooter will concur, 
when you have a leak the best thing to do is fix it right away. Leaks are definite signs of plumbing problems. Leaking water can lead to a number of issues including, black mold and rotting.  Also, wet wooden walls are the perfect environment for termites, carpenter ants and rotting in general.

For instance, many things can leak on a bathtub...

The faucet can leak inside the wall or externally from stems, the shower head or the spout. The drain can leak from the gasket on the back of the waste and overflow and the trap under the tub. The surrounding tile can also become affected by a leak at the joints to the tub around the faucet spouts and in the corners.

When you suspect a bathtub leak test it immediately. Fill the tub till it reaches the overflow tube. Then open the access panel  behind the tub and examine the overflow. If water is not coming out of the gasket or riser the overflow is not leaking.

Then, let the water drain and check the bottom of the tub for leaks. Once the tub is empty you can also turn on the spout  faucet and switch it to the shower head and once again check behind the access panel for signs of a leak.Once you determine the problem, you can then proceed with a solution with some plumbing repair, but my best advice would be to act fast. Do not let a little leak linger.

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