Do Faucet Repair Before Damage Occurs

Do Faucet Repair Before Damage Occurs

Do you have fancy faucets that cast a luxurious glow mounted on your kitchen sink? Have you ever had a problem with a leak? There is professional Roto-Rooter faucet repair in Nashville, which is only a phone call away.

Underneath the beautiful water fixture handles is a valve stem. If you remove your faucet handles, you will see the stems. After your water is shut off, you can remove the stems from their threaded base. All you need is a wrench. After removing the stem, examine the base. You will notice a small round, rubber washer that acts as a seal. When the stem is turned all the way shut, the rubber seal seats onto the brass base inside your faucet fixture. This prevents water from traveling into the spigot. However, when the stem is opened, water is able to flow freely out of the spigot.

When the rubber washer becomes warn, it will allow water to pass, even though it is seated firmly onto the brass base. When you notice small amounts of water flowing around your handles and out of the spigot when it is closed, you know it is time to call Roto-Rooter to install new rubber seal washers into your valve stems. We will also check the rubber o-rings around the threading of the stem. If those are worn and cracked, it will allow water to seep out from around the handle creating a countertop mess.

It is important that faucet repair in Nashville is done periodically or when you notice leaking issues. A leaky fixture could cause small flooding problems that might go unnoticed because the water seeps into places that are not easily visible. Many times, water leaks from fixtures will seep under sink counters and bathroom vanities. This water may go from there to basement rooms or collect in the basement ceiling. This is a huge problem, as it may be some time before you notice anything. Mold and mildew will eventually collect and could pose a health hazard. Your basement ceiling may start to sag and water stains may appear. When this occurs, it is too late and damage has already been done.

To prevent damage, it is recommended that you perform periodic maintenance checks of your sinks and faucets. Look underneath your sink and make sure there are no leaks. Call us if you notice anything unusual with your water fixtures. We can quickly fix any plumbing problem and save you from incurring extensive leak damage.

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