Comparison of Plumbers and Doctors

Comparison of Plumbers and Doctors

You may wonder what in the world plumbers like Roto-Rooter have in common with doctors, but the reality is they are a lot more alike than you may think. Let’s take a little peek and make some caparisons and see if you see the same thing that we do in how well they compare to each other.

First of all, doctors spend a lot of time looking through your pipes. They want to make sure that they keep them clear. A heart doctor looks through your veins and arteries to see if there is any blockage. They then work to clear any blockage to make sure that you do not have any problems down the road. Does this not sound like a plumber? Don’t plumbers look at your pipes to see if there is any blockage and then work to see what they can do to clear the blockage so that you do not have any more problems down the road?

Another comparison that you can make is the way a doctor spends a lot of time with their patient to make sure they understand what is causing them to get clogged pipes. They answer questions to make sure that their patient understands what to do and what not to do in regards to what they send down one set of pipes because that will impact all of the other pipes. A plumber does much of the same thing, only they are dealing with a client and not a patient.

There are already more similarities than you would have thought of before reading this, right? On last potential way to compare a doctor and a plumber. A doctor will prescribe some sort of maintenance schedule through medication to make sure that the patient is doing all that they can and then, with a little extra insurance to make sure the pipes are staying clear. Plumbers do much the same by educating their client about what they can and cannot send down the drain and into the pipes and then recommend a regular maintenance schedule of a drain cleaner (think medication) to help make sure that all is done that can be done to make sure the pipes stay clear.

The one area that they do not compare at all is in the pay that they get for their services. Apparently, as a society we think that the one that works on the pipes inside of humans is a little more important and needs a little more skill than a person who works on the pipes of a home. Not sure what that is about. But this hasn’t always been the case. History will tell you that plumbers, Like Roto-Rooter, through the promotion of clean water and sewage systems, have probably saved as many lives, if not more, than doctors.

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