Commercial Hot Water Tanks

Commercial Hot Water Tanks

We were called out to diagnose a problem with a commercial water heater, and as it turns out there was a problem with their roof mounted HVAC unit. After some testing, two of our Columbus plumbers figured out that the HVAC unit was sending large blasts of air that kept blowing out the gas flame. The pilot light just would not stay lit. Another mystery solved by your number one Columbus plumber. Stranger things have happened.

There are lots of Columbus plumbing companies but nobody is better than Roto-Rooter when it comes to solving mysterious plumbing problems. We handle thousands of local plumbing jobs each year, in addition to taking care of clogged drains and sewer repair work. Call us if you need us at 614-351-0455.

Ralph Fumo
Roto-Rooter of Columbus, Ohio

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