Another Kitten Rescue

Another Kitten Rescue

Roto-Rooter offers lots of plumbing services but animal rescue is one that most people wouldn't guess. Roto-Rooter rescued another pet from an underground pipe yesterday. This time, a kitten in Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus Roto-Rooter Branch admits this is one of their strangest local plumbing jobs in recent memory.

Roto-Rooter used a vacuum truck, normally used for cleaning out grease traps and septic tanks, to suction the kitten out of the pipe. But no, the kitten was not sucked through the hose and into the sewage truck, the truck operator used a small diameter hose and merely suctioned the kitten to the mouth of the hose long enough to extract him from the pipe. There are a lot of plumbing companies in Columbus, but few double as super heroes to rescue needy animals and family pets the way Roto-Rooter does. This is our second cat rescue in a couple of months time at Roto-Rooter among dozens over the years.

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