A Roto-Rooter in Gulfport Discusses Gas and Electric Water Heaters

A Roto-Rooter in Gulfport Discusses Gas and Electric Water Heaters

There are several elements that go into the decision to buy a water heater. One of the biggest questions revolves around whether or not to buy a gas or electric water heater. There are many differences between the two, including cost, function, and size. The gas water heater has long been the traditional water heater of choice; overall, many homeowners believe it to be the cheaper option. However, the electric water heater has recently risen in popularity as well. Compact and flame-free, the electric water heater is considered by many people to be safer than gas heaters. Whichever side you’re on, the Roto-Rooter in Gulfport can help you choose, install, and successfully manage your water heater. Here are some of the key differences to pay attention to before you buy.

Initial Cost Versus Cost to Maintain

The initial cost for a gas water heater is usually more than the initial cost of an electric one; however, gas heaters are, overall, much cheaper to run. For large households that require high amounts of hot water on a regular basis, gas water heaters are the cheapest choice. On the flip side, electric water heaters are much more inexpensive initially, and are much more cost effective for small households or living spaces such as apartments and condos. Before investing in either, calculate how much water you and your family use on a daily basis. It could make the difference between which water heater is best suited for you. As always, contact your Roto-Rooter plumber if you have any questions at all in this area.

How Does Each Water Heater Function?

Gas water heaters are popular for their ability to heat water much more quickly than electric ones; however, electric water heaters are more energy efficient. Electric water heaters only heat water as required, which can significantly lower energy bills and costs. Electric water heaters take longer to heat up, but the amount of water wasted is much less than gas heaters. Again, ask yourself which one is more important: unlimited hot water when you want it, or hot water with energy savings on an as-needed basis. If you’re stuck on this issue, your local Roto-Rooter plumber can help you make a final decision.

Does the Heater’s Size Matter?

Again, this depends on how large your household is and your preferred living space. Gas heaters are quite large, and require about 18 inches on all sides. Electric water heaters are much smaller and can be stored safely in a variety of places.

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