5 Tools For Your Boston Plumbing Toolbox | Roto-Rooter

5 Tools For Your Boston Plumbing Toolbox | Roto-Rooter

If you're a big do-it-yourselfer from Boston, it's important to have the proper tools on hand - especially when it comes to plumbing concerns. Although you won't be able to tackle every issue you come across, you can cover the basics like tightening a faucet or replacing a showerhead.

Here are five essential tools to add to your plumbing toolbox:

Adjustable pipe wrench

You're able to twist and turn iron pipes and fittings that have a rounded surface with an adjustable pipe wrench. You can lock the frame with the adjustable jaw, allowing you to exert as much pressure as possible. The teeth on the wrench provide a steady grip so you're able to dig the tool into your pipelines. This is a great instrument to have on hand to tighten (or loosen) thread pipes, fittings and nuts.

Drain rods

Do you ever feel like you're standing in the shallow end of a swimming pool when you're taking a shower? It's probably because of all that hair and soap scum that's built up around the pipes causing a clogged drain. With your handy-dandy drain rods, you no longer have to worry about going for a swim. Attach the rods together so you have a tool that's long enough to fit the piping system. Insert it into the drain and start poking around to remove the buildup.

Caulk gunA caulk gun

Over time, water will begin to seep through the cracks between your shower/bathtub and the wall. This can cause major damage like mold growth, cracked walls or flooding. If you let this issue go on for too long, you'll have to replace your bathroom utilities and possibly your wall - especially if there are signs of fungi. With your trusty caulk gun, you're able to repair the seams and create a water-resistant seal.

Basin wrench

If your sink faucets are constantly loose, use a basin wrench to tighten the nuts that hold your fixture together. The tool has a long shaft and can pivot in any direction, allowing you to reach the narrow space behind the sink and tighten the faucets with ease. Say goodbye to those bruised knuckles! The basin wrench is also good for tightening a pipe in those hard-to-reach areas, like under a sink.

Knee pads

Although you might not consider this to be a tool, knee pads will definitely come in handy anytime you're down on the floor tightening those pipes. You'll be surprised by how thankful you are with a trusty pair of knee pads in your toolkit. Instead of putting pressure on your knee caps, slip on a pair of pads to shield your body from your hardwood or tile floors.

For general questions about plumbing tools or repairs, contact your local Boston Roto-Rooter professional today.

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