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Handling a Basement Leak | Roto-Rooter Belleville

Basement leakBasements can be an essential part of your home. They can be a storage facility, a man cave or retreat, or the place you run to in case of a tornado. However, it's important for homeowners to understand how to handle a basement leak.

1. Diagnose the problem

The first thing you'll want to do is see where the issue is coming from. Damp concrete walls and a powdery substance can mean that moisture is coming through the concrete. It will be essential  as well to verify if a pipe has broken where the water is coming from.

2. Waterproof the basement

If you live in an area that floods a lot and experiences freezing pipes, you will need to prepare your system for these situations. Insulate your pipes to stay warm in the winter weather. Waterproof your basement to prevent water damage and leaks from occurring.

3. Call in an expert

Ultimately, basement leaks can be tricky to diagnose and even more difficult to fix. Plumbing experts have the tools necessary to find where your leak is coming from and recommend ways to fix it. They can also determine if your plumbing is to blame for this issue or if the foundation has been compromised.

A leak is nothing to experiment your DIY skills on. A plumbing expert can get straight to the root of the problem while causing as little disruption as possible. This ensures that you can get back to enjoying your basement quickly. Call your local Belleville Roto-Rooter professional for help handling your basement leak.

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