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Sump Pump Repair Services

Sump pumps can be your home’s first line of defense when it comes to basement flooding and water damage. They are a critical part of your home’s drainage system because they work to make sure water drains away from your home’s foundation. When the sump pump is triggered, incoming water is pumped outside before it can damage your home or your personal belongings.

But sometimes things can go wrong, and sump pump repairs or even a new sump pump installation are inevitable. You'll know when your unit has stopped working because you'll have a significant amount of moisture in your basement, if not flooding. This moisture can cause a number of problems, including damage to floors, walls, furnishings and finished basements. It can also cause mold or mildew, which can eventually lead to respiratory and other health issues.

Roto-Rooter plumbers are experts at sump pump repairs and maintenance, as well as sump pump installation. Here are some signs your sump pump may be in need of repair or need to be replaced altogether:

Musty, mold or mildew smell in your basement. Because your sump pump is constantly exposed to water, it can be susceptible to mold and mildew growth if it is not cleaned and cared for occasionally. Cleaning the mold and mildew will not only get rid of the smell, but also keep your sump pump working properly in the event of a flood.

The float switch is stuck. A sump pump’s float switch is triggered when excess water in the sump pit is detected. Your sump pump relies on the proper operation of its float switch to signal the need for the pump to activate. If the float switch becomes stuck, the pump may not work even if the water level in the pit rises above the acceptable level. You can check for a damaged or stuck switch by testing your sump pump. To do so, pour water into the pit and waiting to make sure the pump kicks on. If the water rises past the correct level but the pump doesn’t come on, you may need it repaired.

It’s making loud noises. Sump pumps are fairly quiet even when they are running. If you notice very loud or strange noises coming from the unit at any time, call your local Roto-Rooter plumber for service. It may be a mechanical problem that could cause the pump to fail, leaving your home at risk for flooding.

The sump pump hasn’t run since it last rained. This may mean the unit is not pumping water out at all, and if it rains again, it could leave you with a big mess.

If your sump pump is not working properly, call in the experts at Roto-Rooter. We can help with sump pump repairs, sump pump installation or battery backup sump pump installation.

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