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Why Do I Need a Garbage Disposal? | Roto-Rooter Houston

Garbage disposalGarbage disposal units are helpful for keeping your kitchen clean and disposing any scraps of food. These units are built to handle any food you throw in it.

So why not make your life easier? By installing a garbage disposal unit, you'll make kitchen cleanup faster and more efficient than it was previously.

Getting started

Installing a garbage disposal will require some advanced knowledge and could also take up a good portion of your day. As such, don't rush into the process without first reading up on all the information you can.

Some tools you'll need include a PVC saw, flat-head screwdriver and a circuit tester. Make sure the disposal unit you have will fit underneath your sink. You'll then need to remove existing drain lines.

The installation process involves a lot of tinkering underneath the sink and with existing plumbing. Because of the nature of this process, you may feel more comfortable hiring a professional from Roto-Rooter to help. This way, you'll get the highest-quality service and ensure the disposal unit is properly installed.

Using the disposer

Garbage disposals should only be select used food scraps.  Avoid throwing stringy or greasy foods down the drain. Disposals should be used for food only. Do not throw plastic, glass, or rubber substances in the sink, as these materials can cause issues.

To help clear up any minor clogs, run cold water for about 10 seconds. This will remove any grease that may have built up.

Garbage disposals are helpful for any size household. Don't hesitate to contact your Houston Roto-Rooter plumbing expert. You'll be thankful you did.

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