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Roto-Rooter Alexandria, VA: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Alexandria, VA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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I highly recommend Pedro Lopez. I had recurring problems with the extensions of my downspouts not draining quickly enough, resulting in water backing up in the gutters and pouring down the sides of my house, windows, and sliding glass doors. On a Saturday I scheduled Roto-Rooter online for 10:00 to noon the following Monday. At 7:30 on Monday they called to say the technician was stuck in traffic and would be late. However, he was right on time. He quoted me a price for a minimum of two hours’ work to clear my four drain pipes. I didn’t think it would take nearly that long, and I had no way of knowing whether the price was fair because I’ve never had this kind of work done before. However, Pedro explained the equipment and his methods, and I had confidence he would get results so I agreed. It took Pedro a full two hours, working efficiently. He discovered that one drain pipe had shifted and come apart underground, and then completely filled with mud and debris. He excavated enough to clear both ends of the pipe. Pedro said someone else in his company could dig out one end of the pipe, set it in fresh gravel, and reconnect it, but I plan to get my handyman to do that. Pedro also traced where the other pipes ended, which I had thought was in the city storm sewer, but in fact was in the opposite direction in heavy vegetation that I now know to clear out occasionally. Pedro cleaned each pipe from both ends and tested to make sure they were clear (which I could see from the water gushing out of the end of each pipe). If you are thinking of getting a lower-cost plumber to clear drain/sewer lines, I suggest you research their methods and compare with Roto-Rooter’s hydrojet technology (which takes an entire trailer behind Pedro’s truck). I was impressed, and I have already recommended Pedro to a friend.
Charles C.
Roto-Rooter of Manassas arrived on schedule after I called them about a likely sewer clog. Water was bubbling up out of my basement floor drain and basement bathtub drain. The technician and his trainee examined my pipe configuration and explained my options for clearing the blockage. I chose the high pressure water method. They uncoiled a hose from their trailer-mounted machine to my backyard and a second hose into the cleanout fitting in my basement. The technician guided the hose and nozzle down the sewer line. He was more like a fisherman than a plumber as he extended and retracted his hose in response to obstructions and bends. The water was flowing well when he encountered something that would not give way. They brought an inspection camera from their truck. A portable video screen showed the inside of my drain pipe as the technician pushed the camera cable along. At 60 feet we saw something metallic poking through the pipe. Next I will need an inspection service (also offered by Roto-Rooter) to locate the problem under my back yard. The technician explained as he worked. He easily answered all of my questions. He kept my home and his equipment clean despite the messy nature of the work. I would call Roto-Rooter again for any drain problems.
Joel S.
Thank you, thank you! Landscape drain clogged. Yard under water. Technician showed up on time, was very professional, and...... water is now running freely through the drains! I will always call Roto-Rooter for future issues!
Jutta J.
Our tech was very knowledgeble and we loved the way he explaned everything he was going to do and kept us abrest of the whole process.
Donna H.
Only company able to come within an hour of my call. Tech very personable, polite, and made sure area cleaned after the work. Will definitely use them again and recommend to my friends.
Mo E.
My tub clogged up completely the night before I was to leave town and have guests stay at my house.  I called Roto-Rooter at 9:10 PM and explained my situation.  They sent Santos to fix it for me and I am very grateful.  He called to let me know he was coming and was incredibly thorough.  He spent a lot of time working on the drain to make sure that it was cleaned out completely.  He checked a number of things in the house relating to the drain pipe and left everything clean and working perfectly.  He was extremely professional, polite, friendly, and explained what he was doing and why.  I could not possibly have asked for a better experience with a plumber!I am so very happy I called Roto-Rooter.  I had them come to my home many years ago and they still had me in their system.  That experience had also gone well - I had been referred to them by a large plumbing company that hadn't been able to clear out my kitchen drain/pipes.  This time I went back to Roto-Rooter right away and will do so for any plumbing issues in the future.  Thank you!
Elizabeth K.
#1 Arrived on-time, when they said 0800 to 0900, I thought, here we go again...but nope, on-time.#2 Clean, a garbage bag was laid on the floor and the plumber had on soft booties. All... 
Jen B.
What a pleasant experience overall.  I came downstairs to see water flooding out of our floor drain, we called Roto-Rooter and they were at my house about 2.5 hours after I called.  The plumber, Diego, was very professional/polite and knowledgeable. After a few quick tests he identified the problem was a clogged branch line, he offered two options to fix it.  We went with the Hydro Jet which was a little more expensive, however I really liked that they checked the work with a snake camera so I could see exactly what was going on in the pipes.  The plumber even checked the connection to the main drain line, to make sure that the problem hadn't just gotten pushed further down the line.  He was patient and answered all of my questions.  We printed off an internet coupon for $40 off, which was accepted with no problem!  I would certainly recommend the company and specifically Diego!
Rebecca C.
We had a tremendous experience with Roto Rooter. We had a backup in our house in McLean. The technician was very professional, walked us through the steps at every point in the way. He used relevant technology like the camera and hydrogen blasting which was very useful. The first time he came, he said that our problem might be an issue for the county so he was nice enough not to charge us. When he came back, he quickly figured out and resolved the issue. Very friendly customer service and I would definitely use Roto Rooter again.
Christian G.
James was professional, courteous, and skilled. He inspired confidence in me as the homeowner. I feel that I know exactly what the problem was and what needs to be done to fix it. Great experience. Thanks.
Benjamin F. | Alexandria
A few days before Thanksgiving, the kitchen sink decided to stop draining; not something one wants to happen. Went online to you website, and requested an appointment on-line. Immediate response back indicated someone would be at my house later that day. Senior Estimator James Slowikowski arrived as scheduled. I explained the situation to him, and he quickly understood the problem and took the necessary action. Within a short period of time, he had snaked the drain, cleared the blockage, explained how to and how often to apply the enzyme flush, and asked if we had an questions. Thorough, professional, and very personable; he solved our problem, and we were able to enjoy a blockage-free Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks so very much!!!!!
James S. | Alexandria
Johnny was as reliable as anyone could ask for. He arrived well within the time frame and proceeded professionally and efficiently to take out two 50-era toilets and install two modern "high" water-efficient toilets, as well as replacing one deteriorating connection I didn't even know was a problem. Johnny has an extremely pleasant and friendly personality. He is always welcome in my home.
Frederick M. | Alexandria
Great service and professional friendly plumber too.
Rocky G. | Alexandria
Amazing timely service.
Karim M. | Alexandria
On time, prompt completion, well done!
Howard B. | Alexandria
Diego was excellent. He was respectful and worked diligently and efficiently. He explained everything and did the necessary work.
Daniel G. | Alexandria
Mr. Gum came immediately to unclog our sink. He did a remarkable job freeing the blockage. He was very thorough, explained everything, courteous and left things cleaner than he found them. I highly recommend Roto-Rooter if other technicians are as good as Mr. Gum.
George S. | Alexandria
Very satisfied with the service. Employees were prompt and diligent.
Lorena A. | Alexandria
Service was great. The technician finished the job in the predicted time frame.
James O. | Alexandria
Johnnie did an EXCELLENT job installing my three bathroom faucets! Great work!
Brannon W. | Alexandria
Fast response and service. Technician was very personable and efficient. Thanks!
David R. | Alexandria
We had a sewer backup from the drain right outside our basement. After dealing with an embarrassingly incompetent plumber assigned to us through our embarrassingly incompetent home warranty, we called Roto-Rooter. James Slowikowski arrived within an hour after calling Roto-Rooter. He took time to understand and assess the issue, then got to work. He explained everything he was going to do--even inviting me to watch the process--, and thoroughly explained to me everything he did to correct the issue, also giving me advice as how to circumvent the problem in the future. I felt like James was solidly knowledgeable about his trade, and I was in no way being taken advantage of as a customer. And the bonus: I have a six month warranty on his work from Roto-Rooter. I would recommend Roto-Rooter, hands down.
Pamela H. | Alexandria
I was very impressed with your technician, James, particularly with the way he explained what he would do, that he gave me the time to put plastic around the area to protect it, that he showed me the pictures taken by the camera in the drain, that he worked speedily and efficiently and cleaned up beautifully. I was also impressed with how responsive the company was to my call to schedule and subsequently to re-schedule, and that the work was scheduled and completed so fast. I appreciated that you're available 24/7 and that many appointments were available, the first one being within an hour and a half of my call. A very minor thing: the person who initially took my call seemed to get a little defensive when I sought to clarify if the company was committing to arrive within the scheduled window of time. I would recommend this company extremely highly.
Susan Katz C. | Alexandria
I came home Friday afternoon and found out that my hot water heater was leaking. I cut off the main valve and electric to it and started calling plumbers. I called three and they all would call on Saturday. Saturday, I spoke with them and they could not get to me until Monday. I got out the phone book again and saw Roto-Rooter. I called and got the nicest man, told him what I needed and he said he could get someone out Saturday afternoon soon as someone was available. In comes Choong Kim! He accessed my problem which was a new water heater and shut off valve. He went to get the equipment that was needed and unfortunately it took him a while but I am thankful to him and Roto-Rooter for getting me back up and running.
Sharon J. | Alexandria
Place call to Roto-Rooter and within two hours the plumber was at my home to fix the leaky and clogged kitchen sink. Jamaal, the plumber brought in his tools and the snake to unclogged the sink, and also took a look at the plumbing connections. He is a professional and worked steadily to resolve the problem. I am very pleased with the work performed and will call again should I need other repairs.
Carmen A. | Alexandria
I have used Roto-Rooter several times and received excellent service. They are professional, dependable and the most honest plumbing company I have had the opportunity to work with. I highly recommend them.
Kathy H. | Alexandria
Frezer was very nice, explained what we was going to do to fix the plumbing problem and completed the work in about an hour and a half. He even cleaned up the mess! This was by far the best plumbing service we have experienced from any provider.
Kevin D. | Alexandria
It is the first time that my husband and I used Roto Rooter and it was a wonderful experience starting with the customer service rep setting up our appointment until the job was completed. James Slowikowsiki showed up on time and explained what needed to be done (clogged drain) and showed us the results. He was both informative and professional. Needless to say it was a delight to work with such top quality company. Virginia Dempsey and Rod Speer
Virginia D. | Alexandria
Free estimates. Available 24/7. No dispatch fees. Technicians are always knowledgeable, and patiently answer questions. Prices are competitive with other plumbing companies. Repairs are done well, are warrantied, and are done to the customer's satisfaction.
Paul H. | Fairfax
Service provider was attentive and paid attention to detail. Knowledgeable and very polite.
Maryanne M. | Falls Church
Jon Diaz: did a good job,He was courteous and did everything I asked him to do. I am pleased with his service
Nicholas G. | Manassas
Denzel did a great job--friendly, efficient, and informative. Thank you for always providing such great service. We hope we don't need your services in the future, but we know we can count on you if we do!
Ellen W. | Alexandria
I was blown away when I received the call telling me the tech was running a bit late!!!
Janice B. | Falls Church
the technician Mr. Gun was outstanding. He cleared our drain after another plumbing company failed to correct the problem. We will call Mr. Gun if needed.
Walter P. | Alexandria
I found water in my basement which I detected after midnight. I made many phone calls for a plumber. Roto Rooter answered and a plumber was sent out. He, Mr. Darcy, came and immediately realized that the sum pump was not working, and started working on it immediately. Excellent work, very concientious, professional, friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable. He explained fully what was wrong and what needed to be done. Gave an estimate. I appreciate everything he did without any fuss. THANK YOU.
Carmen A. | Alexandria
Marlon was here He was fantastic Explained everything. Very patient.
Christine m. | Burke
Young Kim could not have been more knowledgeable and efficient. He diagnosed the problem quickly, ran out to get us a new sewage pump, installed it and cleaned up in almost no time. In addition, he was very friendly and told great jokes. You can't ask for more.
Eileen K. | Alexandria
Our service tech, Sebastian, was outstanding. Polite, courteous and knowledge. Thanks again for taking care our problem so quickly!
Keith B. | Herndon
Calvin Williams

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