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Roto-Rooter Sugar Land, TX: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Sugar Land, TX, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Clyde (#979) did a great job fixing our plumbing issue and giving us tips on how to avoid problems in the future. It's great to have someone who can come by on a Sunday within an hour of my making a phone call.
Noor I.
Joseph was very polite and was able to answer all my questions for me. He did a great job on my pluming problem and got it solved in a timely manner. I will definitely be calling on Joseph the next time i have a problem with the pluming. thank you for a great job.
Sebastian Rodriguez arrived in an timely manner which the dispatcher had given me a courtesy call an hour prior. He explained the cause of my clogged kitchen sink and the method he used to clean it. Before performing the work, he gave me a fair estimate. He took the time to show me how much gunk had clogged up through my pipes and also gave me suggestions on how to keep the pipes clearer in the future. Excellent job.
Sebastian Rodriguez #2541 was fast, responsive, and courteous on every account .
Dominick D.
Tyler showed up on time and did quick service! TKs!! 5 strars
Tom L.
8/19/15 - Everything went very well and was fast. Thanks to our technician Dan Glynn, who was very friendly and didn't charge extra for going to get more parts.
Karl G.
When my hot water heater stopped working and the pilot light wouldn't light, I looked online to see who I could get to fix it. One of the best reviewed companies to fix it in my area was Roto Rooter. So I called and had someone scheduled to come out the next day. Unfortunately, there were too many calls and not enough technicians, so my appointment was pushed back two days. However, on Monday morning, Mike Harris (technician #2627) showed up and within 5 minutes had the pilot light lit. Mike immediately pointed out to me that there were several code violations that my home inspector failed to notice during the home buying process (no pan under the water heater; incorrect gas line; etc). And now that the water heater was on again, it began to make popping noises and didn't sound like it was operating very efficiently. Mike said that due to the previous home owners neglecting to do yearly maintenance on the water heater, sediment had built up on the bottom of the water heater and was causing it to work over time and to be very inefficient. After discussing it with my wife, we decided to get a new water heater, with the caveat that it would be installed that day. Mike said it would be installed with in an hour! Mike was able to install it in an hour, install new stainless steel water lines, install a proper gas line, install the drip pan under the water heater and a PVC spout line to direct any over flow out into the garage floor instead of into the home/drywall, and he installed a pressure relief valve PVC line (there was previously a relief valve line but it had been broken and was just dangling there). And once it was all done, we had hot water and my wife was happy! The next day we didn't have any hot water and I panicked. I went outside and noticed there was an ince of water surrounding the new water heater as well as water that overflowed down into the garage floor, via the PVC spout Mike installed. But before Mike left after installing the new water heater, he left his business card with his phone number saying to call at any time. I sent him a text explaining the situation and within 5 minutes he was at my house! He quickly fixed the problem and vacuumed up the excess water. He stayed for an extra hour to make sure that the water heater would cycle on and off properly and that we had plenty of hot water. Mike has gone above and beyond what was expected. Granted, the leak shouldn't have occurred but Mike corrected the mistake quickly and this morning my wife has hot water (happy wife/happy life). I would definitely recommend Mike and Roto Rooter.
Jason W.
Marty Tech 1927 was a good listener and knew just what to do. He did a great job.
Erica T.
We had a great experience with Roto Rooter today. Our technician, Jim R. (Tech #1046) did an excellent job for us diagnosing our issue and fixing our garbage disposal. He did the work quickly and efficiently. Afterwards he kindly took the time to look at and fix up a problem we were having with another faucet. This is the kind of honest, professional work that we always hope for but is often hard to come by, and for this reason we highly recommend Houston Roto Rooter and Jim R.
Christiana O.
Our main water line pipe broke on a Sunday. We were shocked to even find out there was a plumbing company that had 24 hour service. Not even 1 hour later, Mike S. (Tech 975) showed up just before it started raining. Although we opened up our garage door to get out of the rain, he pulled a tarp over him and continued repairing our water line. We were SO IMPRESSED of his work ethic and dedication to help us get our water working in our house again. Mike S. was VERY professional and explained everything prior and after the job was completed. We will be calling Roto-Rooter again! Highly recommended!
Lori G.
Fernando was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, willing to teach us what was wrong, and advised us step by step what he was doing. After the job, Fernando advised us of possible future problems we might occurred and also recommend us on what we needed to do. You have a great employee in Fernando. He very dedicated in his job and your company!
Vivian H. | Sugar Land
I had a leaky water supply line. I dug the line up myself to locate the leak and then determined I needed to hire a plumber to repair it. I called at 10:45 at night Marty was dispatched first thing in the morning. He left to gather up the necessary parts and then did an outstanding repair, replacing an old section of PVC and a corroded valve with fresh section of PEX pipe. I regularly use RotoRooter for plumbing problems and will continue to do so.
Matt G. | Sugar Land
Service was on time and great. Sebastian was professional.
Doris S. | Sugar Land
I had Ricardo from Roto Rooter fix 2 of my toilets in no time! I called Roto Rooter in the morning at 11:00am and by 2:30 Ricardo the technician had fixed everything! No more clogging or water running in 2 of my bathrooms! Thanks Roto Rooter!
Amy J. | Sugar Land
#1032 thomas was helpful, professional, and courteous. What could be fixed was fixed and they walked me through what was going on. Just a very professional and polite team. Great company.
Jessica F. | Sugar Land
I called Roto-Rooter for my bath tub spout that had come off and they sent the best plumber i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was clean and quick. If I ever nee to call a Plumber again I will ask for him by name Mike Harris #2627 dude you rock.
Ashley W.
The two plumbers were Mike # 2627 and Chris, and they did a very through and quick piping job.
Harold K.
Roto-Rooter Plumbers - 2/23/15 I had a plumbing issue and I called the local Rooter number. The driver showed up early and gave me notice in advance on his arrival. He diagnosed the problem in short order and with the specialized equipment he was able to fix our problem (roots in the pipe) and put us back in working order. He was very polite, knowledgeable and efficient. He also took the time to show me a thorough view of the inside of my drainage pipes. Bottom line - terrific service! Great value! Thank you!
Kerry B.
My hot water heater burst. I went online, was able to schedule a free estimate for the same day. They called ahead of time and arrived when promised. The tech was very nice and seemed to know his craft very well. I am very happy with the service received and the price quote, which they stuck to. The tech was also very fast, yet I never felt rushed. He completed the job before the time he told me.
Lorraine F.
We needed a plumber in Oak Forest, Houston for a stopped up sink in my kitchen which was backing up to the bathroom sink. Roto-Rooter representative Clyde Crump arrived at 5pm on New Years Eve. He was friendly and helpful, even giving us some helpful tips about keeping our pipes clear. He fixed the problem quickly and did not over charge.
Lisa L.
Sunday afternoon clogged sink... Ugh.  I called and poke to the nicest customer service rep.  She had someone at my house in about an hour.  Clayton was very professional, quick, and friendly.  He made sure the clog was clear, answered all my questions, and kept a smile while pulling all sorts of junk from the trap.  Highly recommend and will use again.
Jodi F.
I was a little torn on who to call to fix my kitchen sink problem. I chose Roto-Rooter because there website was very informative, especially compared to other sites I had visited. The lady I spoke to on the phone was very nice and very helpful. This was already a good impression. She told me someone will arrive at my house in about an hour, even better. It was about 10 minutes when the plumber showed up, again very impressed. Clyde (#979) was a very nice and funny gentleman. He shared with me a few pointers about maintaining our drains and pipes clean. Our kitchen sink would not drain water and would back up into both sinks. Clyde took care of the situation and was very professional and clean. He talked to me as a person (not just a woman) and he didn't mind that I asked questions. I like companies like this. I feel good spending the money to a company that deserves it. I will definitely call them for any other issues plus I will definitely recommend this company to anyone. If we could make requests for specific technicians to come I would choose Clyde in a heartbeat.
Amanda B.
This is a review that is a pleasure to write.  The plumber dispatched by Roto Rooter, Mr. Robert Stanley, was patient, courteous, and went way out of his way to help us and potentially save us quite a bit of money.  Mr. Stanley was a total delight--quite the gentleman, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  We will continue to call Roto Rooter for our plumbing needs as long as he can come do the service!  Please read the rest of the review to get the whole story:We have had a problem with an occasional bad smell in and around one of the buildings at my business.  Recently, the problem became much worse, and did not go away.  While we speculated on the cause and the source, the smell was definitely like sewage.  It was so bad today, that we called Roto Rooter to come check our sewer line for cracks.  We called the number from the main website, and the truck showed up right on time. We showed Mr. Stanley the area where the smell was the worst and asked about having him check the sewer line with a camera.  He walked the exterior of the building with us--definitely agreed that the smell was raw sewage--and then asked to look around inside.  We showed him where it was bad in the building, and he asked lots of questions.  Finally, after popping ceiling tiles, and peering under cabinets, he believed that he knew what our problem was.  He said that the type of city sewer line that was in our neighborhood had two way valves installed so that when the storm drains overflowed, water could be shunted into the sewer lines, causing a backing up of sewage and sewer gas into our building.  He showed us the sewer line in the street as well the sewage clean out access our on our property.  That was the smell, alright.  It was gruesome!  After inspecting the city sewer, he told us that it was holding way more sewage than it should and definitely was the cause of our problem. Mr. Stanley recommended that we NOT pay the $350 for the camera inspection at this time, but instead try venting our clean out (leaving the cap off over night), and using an enzyme treatment in our building.  He showed us how to use the treatment, then he called the city's 311 line to report the problem!  He stayed with us until we had the 311 operator promise to dispatch a crew to blow out the sewer lines.I was really shocked when I got the bill.  He charged us the $54 for the enzyme treatment, but there was no charge for the service call.  He spent an hour with us, gave us great advice, and then only charged us for the treatment!  He told us to wait and see if the smell was better after the city blew out the line, and after using the treatment for a week.  He said that if the problem persisted, then it would be time to check the integrity of our sewer pipe.  Before he left, it was already smelling better.After he left, we continued our work day, but commented many times on our great experience with Mr. Stanley and Roto Rooter.  When we buttoned up to go home about 2.5 hours later, the smell inside was MUCH better.So, thank you to Mr. Stanley, and to Roto Rooter Houston, central dispatch.  It is rare to get this degree of service with such a pleasant and competent professional.  My highest recommendation!
Dan W.
I had Roto Rooter out today to cap off the gas lines to some old gas wall heaters that are in my bathrooms. We felt it was a hazard to have these things active since you can turn a knob and gas would start free-flowing out of it. A gentleman named Jose came promptly and gave me an estimate and got to work. It took him about an hour and a half and he successfully capped off the gas lines in the attic to those ancient heaters. Now I can feel safe that those heaters aren't going to cause a gas leak! I would use Roto Rooter again for ANY service. Thanks! - Katie Cortes -
Katie C.
make time for customer, has people onsite to assist, fine job!
yu l. | Sugar Land
Great job. Justin was very polite and got the job done at 9:00 on Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend. Appreciate the prompt and professional service.
Suzanne M. | Sugar Land
Martin did a great job, took his time to do it right and explain the issue and repair in away i understood it. Nice work!
Bart S. | Sugar Land
Thomas (technician #1032) came out at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night and did a fantastic job. He was friendly, knowledgable, and fixed the problem. Could not recommend more highly.
Duc N. | Sugar Land
Clyde with unit 979 was fantastic, friendly and very hard working he solved a problem another had tried, failed, and the there people charged me more for a half done job.
robert c. | Sugar Land
Our Sevice technician TYLER was professional and courteous even our normally shy dog liked him.
Shawn K. | Sugar Land
Clyde crump ${esc.hash}979 was very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous during the course of his visit to my home.....
Don F. | Houston
Marty 1927 is awesome!
Daniel T. | Kingwood
Jim Michael

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