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Roto-Rooter Nashville, TN: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Nashville, TN, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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We needed someone on a Saturday and Roto Rooter came to our rescue. They called ahead of time as promised, and was able to get us in earlier than originally planned. Bo was the person that came to our house. He was courteous, polite and extremely helpful. He fixed the problem quickly and left everything clean and tidy. I would definitely recommend him and Roto Rooter in the future. Additionally, they told me that they do not charge for an estimate nor will they charge you if they are unable to fix the problem. This was a huge selling point.
Carl was absolutely amazing! He was knowledgeable and gave me such insight into my new house! What a Gift it turned out to be to have a root ball in my main line to get him out here! I would recommend RR and specifically Carl to everyone I know! An extremely pleased customer! Matt
Matt B.
Roger was fantastic! I had a hole in my garbage disposal that caused mold all under my sink. He came equipped with a new unit and had it installed in less than an hour. Very nice, professional. I highly recommend Roto-Rooter
J G.
I just had Roto-Rooter of Nashville jet out 4 drain lines at my coin laundry, Splish Splash Laundry, due to some blockages. Technician Robert Sparks (#394) came out to give me an estimate of the work first. We agreed on a date, time and cost. Robert showed up on time and was able to complete the work while my laundry was open. There was no mess to clean up and he did not inconvenience any of my customers. Robert was neat, clean, friendly and very professional. Not only did he do a great job, but he was able to complete the job at a lot less than he had estimated! I highly recommend Roto-Rooter of Nashville, and especially Robert, and will have them out to to clean out the drains at my other coin laundry in Madison as well as taking care of other plumbing issues that come up.
Allan R.
After calling several plumbers to come out and clear my blocked drain, I discovered that the earliest anyone could make a call was the next afternoon! Then I called Roto-Rooter and they sent someone out within two hours! The technician was friendly and knowledgeable and remedied the problem within the hour. The fee seemed reasonable and the service was great!
Joanna S.
We were in a bind so we called Roto-Rooter and we got the absolute best PLUMBER in NASHVILLE! Robert Sparks we want to thank you for the fast, courteous, professional and expert service ever received! We were highly satisfied! I recommend to anyone having a plumbing need, call Roto-Rooter! Ask for Sparks! :-)
Dennis B.
I had a backup from the toilet into the bathtub. The technician kept me up to date on when they would arrive, the cost upfront for expected services, and reported throughout the effort. I have used them before, and will continue to do so when I have plumbing problems.
Cynthia R.
Roto-Rooter Plumbers in Nashville took care of my problem on the first visit and gave me great advice on avoiding problems in the future. I had Drazan (one of their specialists) to my residence within one hour from the time I called. I can sleep peacefully tonight now that my leak is fixed and the water drains like it should throughout the house....and for a reasonable price that I can handle.
Brian O.
My sump pump wasn't working and we were starting to get water into the house. I wasn't sure if the problem was all of the ice after the ice storm of 2015, or whether my pump was actually broken. Either way, I had been spending countless hours pumping the water off of our patio (which is where the water pools and the sump pump is located) using a wet/dry vac. I was pumping about 35 gallons an hour, lugging the 50 lb. tank to the bathtub to empty it every time (it was either that or lug it up our ice covered outdoor stairs to empty in the backyard). I called Hiller, and they couldnt come for several days. Plus, they charge a hefty fee just to show up. Next option? Call Danny at Roto Rooter. He sent his guy Roger that day to have a look at the pump. Roger said he could fix the pump the same day, but he said it probably made sense to start with a temporary fix given the bad weather and additional cost for him to return to the office to go pick up the parts. Roger showed me a way to bypass the float trigger to manually activate the sump pump. Voila. The sump pump works (for now) and the water is gone. The best part of all? They didn't charge me, they just asked that I consider them for future work. With that level of customer service, I will be sure to call Roto Rooter the next time I have a problem. Thank you, Danny and Roger!
Ben R.
This was quickly repaired and done the correct way. Throughout the repair the technician kept me informed of the situation and potential price and if possible, options. While here he found a leak in the water main at the street and waited while I called the city. Plumbing repairs can be expensive, but I've come to know that Roto Rooter does it right or they return to make it right.
Tiffini H.
Had a leaking shower so I called Roto-Rooter and Robert Sparks. He explained the problem and took the time to make sure the job was fixed right. He even gave me some tips to save me some money. Robert is a great plumbers. If I ever need a plumber again he will be the first one I call.
Emanuel R.
I bought a part and completed the repair and it worked out fine.
Tom B.
I've used Roto-Rooter twice in the past week (unfortunately), but FORTUNATELY, both my technicians were incredible, faster than ANY other plumber I called and efficient. GREAT experience!
Isabeau P.
Bellevue, TN - I had a water heater leaking and leaking into my neighbor's condo, so I need help fast.  My own home warranty company messed up and couldn't find a plumber to get to me that day, so I called Roto-Rooter and Robert Sparks showed up in record time!  He was not only knowledgeable and excellent at what he does, but very honest, friendly, kind and easy to talk to.  Roto-Rooter is a great company and Robert is one of the best plumbers I've ever had and I have had quite a few at my condo over the years.  Thanks Roto-Rooter and especially Robert! :)
Nikki W.
I was so impressed by my Roto-Rooter plumbers! They responded to my call the same day and were upfront about the cost and scope of the project. I needed to have an old toilet completely overhauled, new fixtures put into my shower, and the hot water fixed on a sink. My house was old and they had to deal with bugs and broken pipes and all kinds of issues, but got the job done quickly and were super nice. I can't recommend them enough; definitely ask for Robert or Sandor if you call. My service date was 9/5/14, and I live in the East Nashville area.
Jenifer A.
The service technician was very professional and courteous. He gave me an estimate onunclogging thefrench drain as well as an estimate on redoing it. He also looked around the house at other plumbing and gave recommendations. I did not use them in the end because it was not an affordable option, but if I have any future problems I will give them an opportunity to bid on the repairs.
Carson T.
Roto Rooter Service, July 14, 2010I want to thank Roto Rooter for answering our needs so promptly. Robert Spain arrived at our house right on time, Located the problem and made the necessary calls to make the right things happen to fix our problem. We had a septic system, and Robert explained about attaching to the sewer system, since we lived in Davidson County. The estimator came out in less than an hour, gave an estimate, and assured us that they would be out the next morning to start running the pvc pipes to the sewer line. Robert and his working partner Roger Drury started working immediately and had us attached to the sewer line the end of the next day. It was 100 degrees outside, and I never heard them complain one time. I want to personally thank Roger and Robert and the Roto-Rooter company for a job well done.
I filled out of these first thing this morning, May 11, 2016 explaining what a friendly, professional and courteous service which was given to us first by Bob Fening and then by his co-worker Roger - they were just wonderful beyond compare and we are switching to Roto Rooter from the company (which did inadequate work for us in the past) immediately for all our needs. Bob's thoroughness in correcting a bad situation made a great impression on us and he should be rewarded - he is a hard worker, very honest but right to the point.
Dan & Pam P. | Nashville
Roto-Rooter - Nashville. On Saturday May 7, 2016 Bob Fening came to our home because we had significant plumbing problems, which the company we had used for over 20 years refused to acknowledge, their having supposedly put new pvc plumbing into our home almost 6 years ago. Bob came, out, surveyed the situation, took photographs of the underneath of the house (crawlspace), diagnosed our problems and said he felt terrible that complete job had not been done years ago. He immediately gave us an estimate, and he and Roger came to our home on Tuesday, May 10 spending almost 12 hours completely redoing our pvc plumbing to the ultimate, plus installing a toilet, utility sink, bath tub updating and rerouting some of our existing, bringing it up to codes. These guys were fabulous and deserve recognition for the excellent work they perform. In fact we were so pleased that we are dropping our former plumbers of over 20 years and will be using your company from now on. (They also advised us that they do repairs/installation of various household appliances which will come in handy). Thanks Bob and Roger you are the best.
Dan & Pam P. | Nashville
Very fast response to our emergency plumbing needs and professional technicians often provide helpful tips.
Andre W. | Nashville
Robert was exceptionally kind and helpful. I am very grateful for his service and would recommend to everyone.
Frances P. | Nashville
Carl was very efficient,he did a fast job and fixed our sink and cleaned out the pipe. He is one of the best you have.
martha s. | Nashville
Carl is the best plumber I've ever had! He diagnosed my problem and talk to my builders agent so I could get the money reimbursed under my warranty! He was awesome!
April S. | Nashville
They came, they saw, they delivered on what they said they would do.
Cynthia R. | Nashville
Roger was great! I called due to a leak in our kitchen. Wouldn't you know the leak was gone once he arrived, he stayed and looked at every area around the sink to see if he could identify the source. I really appreciated him taking the extra time to find the source. I will definitely reach out to Roto-Rooter for our plumbing needs.
Jessica S. | spring hill
I just wanted to let someone know how helpful Mark C. (I think this is what is written on the invoice) was in addressing my plumbing issues. He took his time in assessing the problem, asked a lot of questions, and provided extremely helpful feedback on a course of action. He was genuine and honest in his approach, something that is unfortunately rare in the service industry. You have a real class act in Mark C. He deserves a substantial raise. Please give it to him! Thanks so much for your exemplary service Roto-Rooter!!
Ali W. | Pleasant View
The technician was very detailed and friendly.
Brian C. | Gallatin
Drazon with Roto Rooter has been to my home on two occasions and I will definitely use Roto Rooter again. He arrived as planned, completed the job in a timely manner and communicated throughout the job.
Tiffini H. | nashville
The technician was very detailed and friendly.
Brian C. | Gallatin
My technician showed up on Saturday for an emergency when the Nashville ice storm had begun to thaw.My septic line had backed up spewing feces and toilet paper everywhere. He had already gotten stuck once on my street but worked his way out of that and then was unable to get up the driveway. He therefore walked up only to see his truck slide across the yard and luckily stop without damage. He proceeded to haul all of the needed equipment ( twice) up the steep driveway in the ice and unclog the pipe ( allowing me to watch the camera) After clearing the clog, I paid him and followed him out the highway ( I have 4 wheel drive) to make sure he got out, which he did. He was the kindest, most patient, professional I have ever met. You are lucky to have him at Roto Rooter.
Jennifer O. | Nashville
My service was awesome.
Delilah O. | Nashville
Bo was very professional, kind, and happy to help us understand what is going on with our pipes!
Amy B. | La Vergne
Tech was great, although the problem was not something he was able to correct, he was at least able to identify it and point me in the direction to get it fixed.
Ryan M. | Franklin
From the beginning to the end of my experience, I was extremely satisfied with my service. Garrett took my initial call and accommodated my schedule to set up my appointment and he called when the Technician was dispatched to the house. Robert Sparks, the Technician, was efficient and quickly found my problem. He even offered a few additional tips to help prevent future problems.
Peter B. | Lebanon
emergency, late friday afternoon, arrived within the hour, quick efficient, patience, with solution, when turn down by 2 other companys this afternoon, John C. was excellent, will call again AND REQUEST THIS PROFESSIONAL YOUNG MAN. WOW, EXCELLENT SERVICE, IN A QUICK AND TIMELY FASHION AT A REASONABLE PRICE IS THIS 1980???????
Michael G. | Antioch
I used the "Schedule Service" section to make an appointment for the 10-12 time at 7am. I received a call around 8:30 and they had a guy to my house by 9am, now that is fantastic service. The gentleman was very friendly as well as professional. I informed him of our 3 large dogs and he welcomed them as they were his own. The work only took about 30 mins to complete 2 task, but well worth the money. I wanted to thank Drazan for his dedication to this company as he has been with them for 11 years and still greatful of the little things in life. If you have the honor to get Drazan to help complete your project, you won't be disappointed. Thank you again for the help along with the patience with Abbie, Bailey and Jade.
Judson C. | La Vergne
Mr. Drazan Kozul was terrific. Best customer service I have had in a long time...and I have had A LOT of service on my house recently. The gentleman who took my initial call was also helpful, professional, and positive. Thank you!
Susan N. | Nashville
I received excellent service for my plumbing problem from your technician, Bob. He did not waste my time doing his job, he was prompt on arrival and he was very professional. I like that from a service call. My only problem is that I tried to enter your sweepstakes but couldn't, so I called to talk with customer service. That person also tried to help. I followed his instructions but that did not work either, so I am asking to be entered in your sweepstakes because I cannot seem to get into it to express how pleased I was to get good service from your company. Thank you. And I also feel the charge was reasonable.
Deborah D. | Nashville
Robert made a great impression and he let our cat Luke smell of him before he began. He fixed our big bathroom leak and we would like to have him back in our home again.
Stephen E. | Nashville
The technician, Robert Sparks, ${esc.hash}394, was so friendly. He introduced himself immediately. It was extremely cold outside and I had a broken pipe leading to a faucet. He did an excellent job. The service call was answered within 3 hours which I thought was great!!! Will use again and recommend to others.
Debra M. | Lebanon
Appreciate the fast, courteous service each time we call.
Andre W. | Nashville
The person who handle my plumbing was on time and professional.
Farhad S. | Antioch
Carl did a great job fixing our plumbing issue. Chad did a great job with our sewage issue. They were quick to respond and quick to fix the issue. Thanks for the great service!
Gregory S. | La Vergne
I've used Roto-Rooter since I became reposible for building maintenace in 2012. Will continue as long as you continue to show up when you say you will and provide staff who completes the job well.
Sara P. | Nashville
My only problem is they would not take the coupon I printed off the website for 30 dollars off any plumbing service since it was a drain cleaning service. I am not sure what the difference is. plumbing is plumbing to me. I did not have access to print the correct coupon so I did not get my 30 dollars off.
Joe P. | Hendersonville
Carl was absolutely amazing! He was knowledgeable and gave me such insight into my new house! What a Gift it turned out to be to have a root ball in my main line to get him out here! I would recommend RR and specifically Carl to everyone I know! An extremely pleased customer! Matt
Matthew B. | Nashville
Drew, Chad, did a great job making sure my mold issue would not be an issue. Hasad checked everything in and around the leaky toilet pipe and made sure the uneven floor, causing the toilet to rock, and the rocking tank would not make the pipe leak again. He also found some unknown problems with the flapper and fixed that for us as well making the toilet run much better than it had been! I made sure to give him a good tip for his efforts in making sure everything was as it should be and that nothing would go wrong in a week or two. Great job by everyone!
Jill D. | Nashville
My rating is for the technician which came out. Drazan No1 . If you have the chance to ask for him do so. He is honest and as hard a working plumber as I have ever seen. He cleaned my drain, and charged me exactly what he told me up front. Thank you Roto-Rooter and Drazan.
Nannyo p. | Nashville
Roto Rooter tech Drazan came to my house within an hour of my call. I didn't say anything about a plumbing emergency but they still got here fast and fixed my problem within 30 minutes. I know who I'm calling for plumbing services from now on!
Jenifer M. | Nashville
Your plumber came out and took care of business. He was professional and didn't waste time getting the job done!
Charles S. | Nashville
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