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Roto-Rooter Dayton, OH: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Dayton, OH, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

Read customer reviews for Roto-Rooter Dayton, OH

My husband James and I had a clogged kitchen drain and he called Rotor-Rooter the end of May 2015. Within 2 hours there was a technician at our home. He was very professional and explained exactly what was clogged and why, He quickly went to work and in a very short time had our drain working again. He was very tidy and cleaned up his mess. We were very impressed with his professionalism. We would recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone.
Marcy M.
Very quick response. Excellent service and very knowledgeable staff. Thanks, from Dayton ohio
Doug A.
Same day appointment with courteous and efficient service.
Valerie W.
I never use anyone but Roto-Rooter and have never had an issue or been dissatisfied with their work. This last "visit" was to replace a water line in a tight area - a waterproofed crawl space - and on a weekend. I was very relieved to find out that they would be able to come to my rescue! The guys arrived on time, were polite and able to get the job done in less time than the job was originally estimated to take. I have always trusted Roto-Rooter. They have a long-standing good reputation and always provide friendly, efficient, quality service - including this recent time of need.
Kathi B.
I never use anyone but Roto-Rooter and have never had an issue or been dissatisfied with their work. This last "visit" was to replace a water line in a tight area - a waterproofed crawl space - and on a weekend. I was very relieved to find out that they would be able to come to my rescue! The guys arrived on time, were polite and able to get the job done in less time than the job was originally estimated to take. I have always trusted Roto-Rooter. They have a long-standing good reputation and always provide friendly, efficient, quality service - including this recent time of need.
Kathi B.
When there's something strange in your kitchen sink,Who ya gonna call (Roto-Rooter)If it's something weird an it don't look goodWho ya gonna call (Roto-Rooter)Ow!
Libby V.
Roody was Perfect, Professional and Prompt. I would recommend Roto-Rooter to others.
Kevin C. | Dayton
The Roto Rooter plumber was at my house within 20 minutes of my call. He got the job done neatly and quickly.
Richard P. | Dayton
As always when I call Roto-Rooter they come out the same day and the drains are cleared of roots and debris. The technician is always very helpful and explains everything that he is doing. I must also say I have a son with special needs who always like to watch them work and they have always been so kind to him and treating him like the man of the house. He loves to have them beep their horn when they leave which they always do! Thank you
April P. | Dayton
Roody was very helpful and knowledgeable.
Natalie J. | Dayton
Your employee was nothing less than terrific. No other words necessary.
Pamela S. | Dayton
The Kitchen Drain was plugged. Roto-Rooter was here quickly and handled the problem professionally and efficiently. Excellent work
Charles p. | Dayton
Roddy the gentleman that came to my house was courteous and went out of his way to find the problem and resolve it quickly He completely cleaned up after himself and if I have an future problems I will definitely ask for him again
Teresa O. | Dayton
We've had a long and happy relationship with Roto-Rooter. We have always trusted them to know what to do and to do a good job. And we have never been disappointed.
Pat A. | Dayton
Quick response time. I appreciate Chris and Donny not giving up on my line and clearing all the roots. It was also great to see a field supervisor jump in and get his hands dirty!! Wait to lead from the front!
Steve B. | Dayton
The tech cleaned the drain and installed a new faucet assembly. It's just fine.
Mildred M. | Dayton
Text them about my problem that night. Next morning, got the call on the way. Cleaned out main. Did a great job. Very clean and neat.
Anthony M. | Dayton
Very polite, informative. Appreciate his willingness to stay a make sure all was right. If need be I will ask for this tech again.
LARRY R. | Dayton
Our serviceman Rick was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I couldn't have asked for better service. He was here in less than an hour after my initial call! Thank you very much, Karen
Karen L. | Dayton
Tim was very knowledgable, friendly and helpful!
marcie b. | Dayton
Brent did a great job and was very helpful
samuel b. | Dayton
Great job by the tech. Wasn't particularly pleased by being pitched by sales guy for a $5600.00 upgrade to my system but there wasn't any additional charge for it so it didn't kill me. Will call back again when needed, thanks!
Mike G. | Dayton
Service was very efficiently done. Technician was polite and well mannered. He explained each procedure in detail
Marianne B. | Dayton
Roto-Rooter did a wonderful job. Our technician was very helpful and knowledgeable. Our problem was taken care of quickly .
Patricia T. | Dayton
Roody was very professional and got the work sone in a timely manner. From us identifying a problem to it being fix was less than 4 hours. Can't complain about that
Chamual P. | Dayton
When I called Roto Rooter for an appointment, the man I talked to was very nice, and informative which made me feel comfortable to make an appointment. Then Cole came. A very professional person went to work. There were many hiccups because of my old plumbing, but Cole just kept on working until everything was fixed properly. I am a senior and should have kept a better watch on my pipes. I will in the future. Cole was very patient and did a wonderful job. I have already told several people about my experience and if I ever need a plumber in the future, I will call Roto-Rooter and ask for Cole. Thank You, Delores
Delores B. | Dayton
Service date was a Sunday, 9-25-16; we needed a bathtub drain pulled as we were remodeling the bathroom. The guy arrived on time, early within the time frame given, called first to make sure we were home, was competent, polite, and quick working. We would use this particular employee again in the future (#1228/John)
Bill L. | Dayton
Roto-Rooter called me back when they said they would, arrived on time, and our technician (Brent /Tech #3988) was very professional and courteous. Brent did a terrific job and we couldn't be happier with the services provided!!!
Daniel M. | Dayton
The guys at Roto-Rooter, especially Randall, have been excellent in helping me resolve an ongoing plumbing problem. I can't thank them enough.
Diana B. | Dayton
Ron was amazing, very quick efficient, and charming. Thank you very much!
Kim A. | Dayton
Thank you for sending a member so quickly he was fast paced and explained everything to me.hopefuly no morr problems.and with the six month warranty im happy.thank you.
Cleora I. | Dayton
My tech Josh Shearer #99 was the best! Very informative, courteous and very professional! I will ask for him the next time I need Roto Rooter! Great job Josh!
Lori A. | Dayton
Came out, inspected the situation and did a great job. Was very professional and polite, very nice young man.
Barbara J. A. | Dayton
Great service, friendly and fast
Phillip J. | Dayton
This is why I keep coming back to roto rooter. An hour after I called though it wasn't a pressing emergency they showed up, gave me a good quote and fixed it right away. Employee was professional and friendly.
Ronnie K. | Dayton
I had a stopped up plumbing line that caused water to back up into my mechanical room. My technician, Randall, was awesome. He used the camera to show me where the clog originated. Since there is a lip in the pipe where the problem can potentially occur again, he talked to me about preventative measures to keep it from happening again. He called out his supervisor to test the wettness levels in the affected areas who then set up the cleaning crew to come early the next morning to clean and dry everything out. I couldn't be more pleased.
Diana B. | Dayton
I always use Roto Rooter, they do an excellent job. Ron Gooding is the person I always ask for. Very pleasant and informative employee for Roto Rooter.
Debby b. | Dayton
Great seevice. Expensive though.
Latonya J. | Dayton
Very quick and expert workmanship
Vickie G. | Dayton
Work and outcome were fine, sure wish it was cheaper.
Michael J. | Dayton
The plumber was on time, polite, extremely professional and knowledgeable. He gave a thorough explanation of the problem and offer solutions to help prevent future problems. He explain his recommendations were no guarantee but the solution(s) would definitely help! I give this plumber five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lavonne H. | Dayton
Fast friendly service. Even on a holiday!!!
Mike H. | Dayton
Technition Todd Parks 2390 just left our house and did a great job. Did a very professional job and terrific clean up. I always use roto rooter and have always been very pleased. I always recommend them to friends. Thanks for the great service.
Michael J. | Dayton
Highly professional workers. Very skilled at repairing our broken sewer line. Mitch and Ron are simply the best
Paul S. | Dayton
Problem taken care of.
Michael J. | Dayton
We had an emergency drain blockage that we discovered in the early evening. We called Roto-Rooter and as promised an appointment was made within 2 hours. 30 minutes later our Field Technician was at our door. After discussing potential damage and remediation needs (there were none) Brent proceeded to unclog our sewer line which took approximately 30 minutes. He uncovered several obstacles, and then we tested the results by flushing several toilets and draining the washer. Everything drained very well with no discernible obstruction in the sewage flow. Brent closed up the access, and everything is back to normal!
Howard S. | Dayton
The technician, Ron, was knowledgeable and professional. Response time was extremely fast. He was at my home within 1 hour of my original call.
MICHAEL L. | Dayton
The technician was very professional and helpful.
James G. | Dayton
Roomy Garat, Field Technician ..1653.... did a great job ..he was very detailed, precise in his determining the problem before he began. Which helped him to do a better job in performing exactly what I needed to fix my problem. Very friendly and professional. I would sure call on him again. Thank you for a job well done !
Connie T. | Dayton
We had a water backup in our basement. I called Roto-Rooter around 6:00 PM and they assured us that they would have a person out by 9:00pm. A tech came at 8:30 PM and did a very good job of cleaning the sewer line. He did a very good job of cleaning it out and was very personable and proud of his company. I would personally like to compliment Donnie 1260 for a job well done.
Ronald K. | Dayton
I called this morning, a Sunday morning at that. The service tech was out within an hour. He did a great job and was very patient with my questions. Thanks Donnie, I appreciate the hard work.
Michael M. | Dayton
Great job done by Rod . Appreciate the good work !
Steven D N. | Dayton
Rod did an excellent job on the tub .Very confident in his work skills . Good man !
Steven D N. | Dayton
Ron was phenomenal. He educated us on the process & how to prevent future occurrences.
Michael M. | Dayton
I was very pleased with the results. The technician opened by washtub drain in a timely manner and left the working area clean and neat. He was very friendly and took my concerns seriously. Thank you.
Patricia C. | Dayton
Chuck was courteous, thorough, clean and pleasant! He quickly analyzed the problem and made sure it was corrected before he left. Recommend their service.
Sharon C. | Dayton
Tech 708, Jason, was here early and did not leave until job was done correct. He went over and above what I was expecting. He even came to next day to follow up with the camera. Thanks Jason.
Matt S. | Dayton
Rick was very professional, nice and helpful. He provided us with all the information and completed the job quickly. Thanks for great service.
Carol S. | Dayton
Kelly was very informative and did a professional job. He left the area cleaner then it was before he showed up. I will keep roto rooter in mind the next time I need plumbing services.
Bradley S. | Dayton
I'm a pretty handy guy and can fix most things on my own but this kitchen sink clog was beyond my tool's (Rigid Auto Drain Cleaner) and my capabilities. Called at 10pm and the technician was here in under an hour. Incredibly knowledgable and professional. Exceeded my expectations. Paying to unclog a drain is a drag, but if I got Austin or one of his trainees again I'd not hesitate for a second to call Roto-Rooter.
Toby R. | Dayton
Service man was very professional and did good job.
John M. | Dayton
My tech David that come out to rescue me was just wonderful!! He was sooo nice and even brought my dog treats. I was knew Roto Rooter was a reliable company and that is why I selected them to install my new water heater. It was a very good experience. Now I have hot water!! thank you Roto Rooter
Robyn H. | Dayton
Technician, Ron Gooding, was fantastic.
Derek K. | Dayton
Our tub clogged on a Saturday morning of course! I called Roto-Rooter and they had a plumber out within a couple of hours. We were not charged a service call, only a labor charge. In under an hour our tub was fixed. We were given a 6 month warranty on his work. We will definitely use Roto-Rooter again should the need arise!
Faith H. | Dayton
Excellant service provided have been using Pipe Shield since it was recommended by tech:Michael #173-0809 and have been very pleased I use it about once a month in all my drains. Very pleased with tech and pipe shield.
Charlene R. | Dayton
Technician, Rick hall, was courteous, personable, professional and efficient. He made quick work of my sewer line to get it cleaned out and running clear again. I am a return customer of are the first ones I call for my drain problems.
Gregory C. | Dayton
Very prompt and fast service. Todd fixed the problem in know time! Thanks
Brandy J. | Dayton
DAISY F. | Dayton
Gentlemen were very professional. Explained problem, solutions and did extra work. We are having no drainage problems now. I will call your company again in the future if needed. I also liked the six month guarantee on work. Karen
Karen W. | Dayton
Both Jim and Mike were ver knowledgeable and thought process kept me in the loop. Being new homeowners and going through this with other companies that just left us hanging, I know the job will get done right. I am so appreciative of the honest work that will be coming up.
Kristen L. | Dayton
Our tech Roody was very professional and knowledgeable! Did a great job and kept me informed of all his work! A+++ Will definitely use him in the future!!
Ronell S. | Dayton
Good job by both technicians!
Mary C. | Dayton
Crew arrived on time to fix an emergency drain problem on a Sunday. They not only fixed the problem, considerable root growth some 30 feet from the house, but examined the full length of the sewer pipe all the way to where it connected with the city sewer system, for no additional charge. The crew knew what they were doing and explained exactly what had happened in an easy to understand manner. Very pleased.
James N. | Dayton
I was thrilled when the Roto Rooter phone call for service came around 7:30am on Saturday morning. The tech was early and I was able to get my toilets cleared out in no time. Great service and great personality. Will definitely use again when I have the need.
Toni N. | Dayton
They are good person, have good skill and advanced equipment. I will use this service again.
David S. | Dayton
water in sink 36 hours Husband coming home from nursing home turned over to hospice needed fast service and got it. looked over other problems in bathroom as well as kitchen and saved us money by taking care of all our needs so only one service call. he was kind thoughtful and solved some problems many thanks
barbara s. | Dayton
The plumbing technician Austin Love was very professional and went to work right away upon arrival to target and fix my issue with my bath tub. He left his contact information if for any reason the water leakage returns. He did an excellent job.
Benita B. | Dayton
technician 1372 was very knowledgeable, clean and friendly.
Stephen R. | Dayton
Did a great job. Unable to completely fix the problem but offered several solutions to our problem. We have used them in the past and will continue to use them as needed.
Angela L. | Dayton
Randy was on time. Very courteous. Wore booties as to not to track in any debris from outside. He seemed very knowledgeable and was able to explain the process to me.
Jennifer F. | Dayton
Excellent service. Person on phone.. very accommodating.... prompt service- within selected time. Service person polite, competent. Always feel secure after visit to home.
Ava C. | Dayton
The workman were very polite and helpful in answering questions. They got us up and running within the promised time frame and advised us on maintenance procedures.
Elizabeth W. | Dayton
I was more then pleased with the service that was performed to restore my homes drain. Kelly was awesome. His knowledge and experience of plumbing is outstanding. Thank you all.
Alexander S. | Dayton
Bob and Shane were wonderful showed up on time and explained what they needed to do to get my house dried out from the water line that broke well I was away from home it flooded my home they were great to work with and got the job done and even went the extra mile to keep me informed on the progress when I would be able to move my things back in would definitely use them again with out question
David C. | Dayton
Agent showed up right on time and did a very good job keeping us informed during appt. He gave us options, he gave us warnings and left with our toilets flushing!! Yay!!
Samantha S. | Dayton
Agent showed up right on time and did a very good job keeping us informed during appt. He gave us options, he gave us warnings and left with our toilets flushing!! Yay!!
Samantha S. | Dayton
Called around 5:30 pm for a tub that wouldn't drain. Jesse (technician) was here before 7:00 pm. He worked quickly and did a great job.
Matthew T. | Dayton
Was on time, identified then explained the problem, and fixed it. What more could you ask for?
Larry L. | Dayton
I scheduled my appointment online this morning while at work, was pleased that I could get someone out so soon. My appointment time was 12-2:00. Two calls from the dispatched I missed due to not being able to answer call due to be at work. I was extra pleased that my appointment time window could be extended. I received my call that a tech. was on his way. Ron my tech for the afternoon, had a pleasant and welcoming face; he took the time to explain what has caused the clogged drains. Ron explained that both my laundry drain and floor drain had to be cleaned in order to achieve the best results. After some time both drains were clean and water drained just fine. Thanks Ron for your patients and taking time to explain the work in detail.
Tasha M. | Dayton
The crew showed up first thing in the morning, they were kind, quick, and professional.
Brittney N. | Dayton
The gentleman did not hurry through the process of cleaning the drain and did it several times to make sure it was clear. He cleaned up after himself and was very polite. He answered my questions.
FRAN E. | Dayton
I had Roto-Rooter come to my house to clear a clogged floor drain in my basement. The technician, Jesse, arrived at the beginning of the 3 hour window that I had chosen. He was professional, friendly and completed the job within about an hour. I would certainly use Roto-Rooter again.
Jeff R. | Dayton
Roto Rooter arrived within one hour of my call. The technician, Jesse, was very polite and professional and he worked until he was able to get everything put back together correctly.
Diana B. | Dayton
Gosh, what can I say! I called at about 8:30 am for a non-emergency service and they were here within two hours. They were extremely thorough. Brent Hargis was the tech and he left everything neat and clean and was careful with everything he did. I had the main cleaned as well as three other drains. He was extremely pleasant and friendly. He was concerned that there may be a problem with the main so he had someone else come out to scope the line to make sure everything was fine. If I could give more than five stars I would. Thank you so much.
Kathy K. | Dayton
We had an issue arise last min and I can't recall his name but (Jason or Jacob) did an excellent job! Was very thorough in explaining everything he was doing and kept everything nice and neat! We appreciate the quick response and the time spent on a Saturday night to help fix our problem!
kenny b. | Dayton
Arrived on time, did a good job, not mess, very happy!
Ann F. | Dayton
Everything was done quickly and efficiently within a short period of time from when I called.
john k. | Dayton
Really happy for the fast response and drain clearing. Thank you!
Linda M. | Dayton
Have used drain cleaner for years. It is the best. John was great!
Sylvia C. | Dayton
The plumber was polite and he did a good and timely job,as of now I' satisfied.
William M. | Dayton
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