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Roto-Rooter Cape Coral, FL: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Cape Coral, FL, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Jose came out and gave me a fair and honest assessment t of my situation. A few days later Jose and Jimmy returned and provided excellent service. They knew what they were doing and were professional, courteous, and provided outstanding customer service. They actually fixed an separate plumbing issue that I was having along with why I called them in the first place. I highly recommend the Fort Myers Roto-Rooter Team!! Well Done!
Matt M.
Within 2 hours of my phone call Jessie arrived at my door. He quickly located the problem of roots growing in my clean out pipe, dug it out and patched the pipe to prevent future growth. He was polite and professional. Very happy for the peace of mind he brought. He is a plumber from FT Myers Roto-Rooter. Highly recommend this company
John G.
Service was nothing short of outstanding! We arrived home Thursday night to hot water gushing from one of our hot water heaters. We turned off the water supply and called Roto-Rooter. Representative was at our house early Friday morning, did a diagnosis, and determined we needed to replace one heater. He had to go get the appropriate new unit and install it, and told us we would have hot water by early afternoon. By noon everything was in order, and my garage floor has never been cleaner! Awesome job Jesse! Thank you.
Brent K.
I am writing regarding service I received from Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service at my location in Whiskey Creek in Ft. Myers. Last evening (4/11/2013) totally unexpectedly sewage began backing up into a shower located in my villa. Immediately I tried to clear the problem by plunging the toilet all to know avail. Immediately I called Roto-Rooter for assistance. The dispatcher Two gentlemen, Chris and Matt (technician Number 116 arrived shortly and began work. The area I live in is over 30 years old and cleanouts are no longer visible as grass had taken over the pipes into the ground. First the tried the stack on the roof, then, they removed a toilet and again tried to clear the problem this way. Finally, they returned outside to try to find a cleanout. Somehow, they located a cleanout an quickly cleared the pipe. However, they were not finished. Next, they inserted a camera into the pipe and pin pointed not 1 but 2 existing problems in the sewer connection to the house. Additionally, they located a second cleanout and assisted in marking the location of that as well as a major problem with the connection. They spent time showing me the situation so that I could take further remedial action. Still not complete, they returned to replace the toilet as well as cleaning up the mess that had been left from the backup. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The quality rating of Excellent simply does not define the service that I received from them last night. I have become a true believer and can only say they are the best. Polite, professional, and capable. This is one of those diamond in the rough organization. Bravo to Matt and Chris and the Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain service In Cape Coral. Thank you so much.
Larzz A.
I had Roto-Rooter come out for a frequently-clogging toilet, thinking it was due to roots in the line. They sent out the plumber Pat to come out to the house in the Ft Myres area and they were here pretty quickly and got to work right away. Pat was extremely thorough and really helped work through the problem. The issue ended up being a shoddy-repair job of the Clean Out pipe. He used a lot of their technology to help make sure his work was getting the job done, including the video-camera inspection and sonar guided locator. He had all of his equipment quickly available at hand, and was very friendly throughout the process. I really liked that they do not charge any additional price or rate to come out on a Sunday too!
Anne S.
We had a blockage problem and you found it right away. Repaired the problem and we have not had a problem since. Rich
Richard B. | Cape Coral
We called Roto-Rooter to fix a blocked main drain and got service within a hour in the evening. The technician was courteous and efficient. He fixed the problem and provided detailedinformation on th eproblem, and advice on how to prevent future recurrence. Very pleased with this service and with Roto-Rooter. I would hire them again, and recommend them without hesitation. Pierre
Pierre P. | Cape Coral
Dylan was a great plumber. Prompt friendly service!
Steve E. | Cape Coral
Excellent, friendly service. Prompt response. Excellent Plumber.
Steve E. | Cape Coral
Technician was friendly, courteous and very much appreciated his efforts!
Jamie M. | Cape Coral
Roto-Rooter did a fantastic job. They fixed my sewer drain pipes and now my water is running better then ever.
Jamie G. | Cape Coral
On Time!!! Great Customer Service!!! I'm a very happy customer, in fact Roto-Rooter is the only plumber I use. Keep up the good work and you will have a customer for life.
Michael H. | Cape Coral
My sink was so clogged that water and other 'stuff' was backing up into the kitchen sink and into the laundry drain and onto the garage floor! We tried everything we knew to unclog, including taking the pipes apart under the sink but could not locate the clog. I called Roto-Rooter Monday morning, was put on a first available status and within 30 minutes they called back to say that a technician was on the way! He showed up within 15 more minutes with enough equipment to unclog a water park! Jesse (#68) diagnosed the problem, gave me a quote, climbed upon the roof and somehow cleared the lines all the way to the septic tank in less than an hour. I got my kitchen and laundry room back to normal, happily paid the bill and want to make sure that you know what a professional job Jesse did. Thank you!
Sandra B. | Cape Coral
The fellow who worked to solve our problem was patient and worked very hard all day and finally solved a problem that has been ongoing for a long time. Will definitely call roto-rooter in the future. They were excellent.
Rosemary C. | Cape Coral
My tech from Rotor- Rooter was Jesse ${esc.hash}68 and he was a very skilled plumber. He listened to all my plumbing problems and solved them. I would recommend Rotor-Rooter if you want a good job done.
Denise s. | Cape Coral
Mike was very personable and did an efficient job. He carefully brought in a bucket so the instrument used to unclog the drain would not drip on my carpet as he left.
E. Daniel E. | Cape Coral
Matt, my service technician, went above and beyond my expectations to try to repair my dripping shower. As is often the case, the job became much more complicated than either of us anticipated, however he was able to complete the job, which included installing an access panel and replacing the valves and faucets, etc. He had to take down my closet shelving system to do the access panel. There was no mess left behind, despite all the work he had to do. He kept me informed along the way and was polite and personable. I've had nothing but good experiences with Roto-Rooter.
Douglas G. | Cape Coral
John Ford
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