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When you need experienced plumbers in Baltimore, MD, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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The overall service was good. The price was extremely high. The provider dropped the installation price by $175.00 once I said I would pass because I found a better deal. The price was high, but I have no complaints with the quality of the work. I think that the special should be clear that the initial cost is just for an estimate of plumbing services, not $75.00 of plumbing for $25.00. Maybe I'm just dense but it was confusing to me.
Pam J.
Great. Quick repair.
Eliasu K.
Great. All went well.
Mary S.
They were good. I had the same person who came the first time and I didn't have any issues. I had to pay for it out of pocket. He was great. I would request him specifically. He told me how he could cut the price down and was really honest.
Yvette E.
First off, you get what you pay for. I paid $419 to get my storm drain snaked, but after three different flooding incidents and ensuing mold removal, it was well worth it. Jimmy showed up in the morning, on time and he was very professional and friendly. He explained what he thought was going on and how he was going to try to handle it. You couldn't ask for more disclosure. Some places want to make your decision for you, Jimmy was patient and answered all my questions. If I have any other problems, I'll be calling them back.
Chris H.
extremely pleased with my service. It was late and i had already called two other places who claimed to be 24 hr service but never got back to me! Luckily Roto-Rooter was there. a technician was here within an hour of calling. Fixed the problem and even explained how to prevent further clogging. Kinda wished I had plumber friends, (who doesn't love a plumber) but this is the next best thing ! overall, great experience. thanks Kam#855
Michelle S.
This is the second time I've called Roto Rooter, last week's call was for my personal residence and to my amazement the manager was able to dispatch someone within the hour. Of course I had already self diagnosed the problem (or so I thought) and anticipated a tremendous expense. 'Min' the RR Plumber, arrived as scheduled, looked at related systems and to my pleasant surprise the problem was much simpler than I feared. He was so calm, ever so thorough, gave the opportunity to test and check over and over, advised on what not to do and what to do to ensure the system operates smoothly. I have encountered some horrible contractors and servicemen lately, but this representative was thoroughly professional in every respect, I will most certainly call Roto Rooter for future plumbing and drain related projects.
Joan G.
6/27/15 We had a great experience with Roto-Rooter today. Michael (Badge 3256) came out within an hour of an emergency call. There were flooding rains and our sump pump went up! This could have been a disaster ending with a flooded basement, but Michael's quick response and quick installation of a new sump pump saved the day. May I also mention this was a Saturday afternoon. We have used Roto-Rooter in the past and will continue to do so. Their price was also reasonable and no extra charge for the emergency weekend call. Thank you Michael and Roto-Rooter!
Renee R.
Our hot water side began leaking from our bath tub spigot. It started as a drip and quickly progressing to a fast, steady stream of water by the end of a weeks time. We called Rotorooter on a Friday around 4pm. By 6:30 pm we had a tech in our house. They told us we would get a phone call within 30 - 45 minutes of the tech arriving. After that phone call, Michael (tech #3256) showed up within the time frame given. He was very pleasant and introduced himself to both me and my husband with a handshake. He immediately went to work in the bathroom, quickly figuring out what was wrong and went to his truck for the parts. He was very open and honest about what was wrong and what he needed to fix. He didn't mind me hanging out in the bathroom with him so I could see how it was done. While he worked, we made pleasant conversation and he explained what he was doing. It wasn't long before he fixed the leaking faucet by replacing the inside pieces. He tested it several times to be sure it was fixed and made sure I was happy. Overall, Michael was such a great tech and was so pleasant to work with. I even checked to make sure that if we needed a plumber again if we could call Rotorooter and request him specifically. It seems like we can... and we would. Great, really fast correction to our issue saving us water, time, and money. Thank you Michael!
Michelle H.
My problem was fixed fast, customer service was top noch, and the plumber sent to my home was very knowledgable. Great service all around.
Colleen M.
We called about a clogged exterior pipe on a Saturday morning, and Roto Rooter arrived within an hour. The plumber, Jimmy, was courteous, professional, and identified the problem within minutes. He cleared the block, and re-engineered the drainage pipe so the problem would be less likely to recur. The timely service and quality of the work were excellent.
Carla R.
Van Nghaka is the man!! Very knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service. Ask for Van!!
Joy D.
Van Nghaka is the man!! Very knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service.  Ask for Van!!
Joy D.
We have had plumbing issues for a few months now and it finally became clear that our regular plumber couldn't handle them when our drains backed up less than a week after they were last here. So... 
Christine H.
We have had plumbing issues for a few months now and it finally became clear that our regular plumber couldn't handle them when our drains backed up less than a week after they were last here. So we called Roto Rooter for the first time at 6pm on a Monday night because we knew our problem couldn't wait until morning. Neftali arrived about 90 minutes later and was very polite, knowledgable and clean. He snaked our drains with two different blades and made sure everything was flowing before he left. The next morning someone came back with a camera and concluded that we have problems with our main sewer line and it will likely need to be replaced. Roto Rooter gave us an estimate and we are collecting a few more before we make a decision. But so far they've been great and I would recommend them for drain cleaning.
Christine H.
woke up this morning to a flooded basement, the drain in the basement was backing up.  Called Roto-Rooter and they send over Max (tech 6672).  Max was great!  He was polite, he quickly narrow down the problem to the pump, however istead of just replacing it he managed to fix it and saved me a great deal of money.  That made the whole situation a little better.  Thanks Max!
Jerry P.
woke up this morning to a flooded basement, the drain in the basement was backing up. Called Roto-Rooter and they send over Max (tech 6672). Max was great! He was polite, he quickly narrow down... 
Jerry P.
It's not often I get to highly recommend a contractor or tradesman of any kind in DC, this is another exception. Thanks to backed-up DC city sewer and water lines, my basement flooded under... 
Summer W.
It's not often I get to highly recommend a contractor or tradesman of any kind in DC, this is another exception.  Thanks to backed-up DC city sewer and water lines, my basement flooded under over one foot of water three times, and my sewage backed up three times.  Very unpleasant, expensive, time consuming, and sad since property was ruined in the basement, etc.Each time, I called Roto-Rooter they were quick to get here, were courteous, and helped us figure out the cause.  Their dispatchers are extremely polite and helpful, and Sam, who came out twice, was polite, patient, and professional.Granted, Roto-Rooter isn't cheap, but on their first visit they fixed a problem created by another unprofessional plumber.  Sam also gave us great advice that countermanded the bad advice of the other plumber and saved us from having yet another flood.Thanks to Sam's persistence and follow through, Roto's camera view of the clog (which they didn't charge us for) proved that the problem was on the city's side.  We were able to get the city to come out and clean their pipes.  Now that the city's clog has been removed, we haven't had any flooding or backups.If you are panicked their staff are kind and friendly and work to really get someone out fast.
Summer W.
I would like to thank Roto-Rooter for the excellent repair work performed at Knox Presbyterian Church. The speed that you completed the job was amazing and allowed us to get back into church services by the next Sunday. The professional way you prepared and completed the job was extraordinary and was done with impeccable care for the sanctuary. I will be telling all my friends about your work. We are very satisfied with the staff performance. Thanks Brian
Brian K. | Baltimore
Very friendly technician and he was skillful
Sarah M. | Baltimore
Service was professional.
Lena A. | Baltimore
Tech Christople #13-7932 was excellent.
Ralph B. | Baltimore
Very, very pleased with the service and the serviceman was very helpful and nice. From the time I called 'til the job was done only took a couple hours. Great guy! Thank you Roto-Rooter.
Bernardine M. | Baltimore
Desmond was very helpful, and as we added more drains to check and clean he went about his business in a thorough and workmanlike manner. He was courteous, pleasant, and competent.
Haig K. | Baltimore
Service was very good. Plummer immediately found the problem and fixes it. He explained all the steps he has done. He fixes some additional problem he found. Thanks for the service Lev Suhol
Lev S. | Baltimore
I would like to say thank you for quick action fixing my pipe shield delivery problem.
David T. | Baltimore
Charlie was prompt and efficient as usual Would not use anyone else
Sandy H. | Baltimore
Chris was fast and professional. He even held my son's bottle while I wrote a check.
Brenda L. | Baltimore
great job and very polite
harry i. | Baltimore
Chat was excellent. He truly wanted to fix our problem and was determined to figure out the cause of the backup.
Joan P. | Baltimore
Quick and got the job done
Anita V. | Baltimore
Where can I start I had trouble all last week with who will fix my hot water heater .i had no running hot water I went on-line and contact roto-rooter the techniance you sent went beyond his job in helping me he spoke with the warranty company regards to coverage. my home warranty service did not want to cover it for that reason. My tech spoke with the company warranty department to find out who carries the needed part .soon as the next morning came he was there at the store to pick up the part.and promise me it will be fix and it was. Thank you for good service.
Sheila S. | Baltimore
They did a great job for us. I contacted Roto Rooter by 9am and they was at my home within 90-minutes. The plumber was knowledgeable assessing and fixing the problem in a timely manner. I would recommend Roto Rooter to my family and friends
Rhonda H. | Baltimore
Excellent quality work.
Molly W. | Baltimore
The plumber was very professional and took pride in his work and went the extra distance to explain the work. He didn't leave a mess and worked quickly. He completed the estimate that was so reasonable i was able to afford to pay for the service that day.
Suzette N. | Baltimore
Plumber was very professional, took the time to explain what was going on and showing me where the issues where.
Andrea G. | Baltimore
All representatives were excellent. Kenny, Jason, and Derrick, were all professional and friendly. They immediately put my mind at ease. They covered all my concerns and allowed me to make choices that were informed and I was comfortable with. They frequently checked back or I could easily reach them, All the work was completed on the time table they mentioned (one day). I felt comfortable with them inside and outside of my home. They cleaned up after their work. I just cannot say enough to show my appreciation. Working with these guys you just cannot go wrong. Thanks for everything.
Carolyn E. | Baltimore
Very professional and excellent craftsmanship. The water heater was installed in a timely manner and they cleaned up afterwards. Would use Roto-rooter again and would recommend also.
carlisa d. | Baltimore
The discharge from the washing machine had been draining slower and slower. Eventually last Saturday it stopped draining completely. We called Roto-Rooter because they had done on a problem with the sewer line a few years earlier and we were satisfied with the work. The serviceman, Greg Thompson arrived that morning, diagnosed the problem and said he could handle it right away. He was professional, pleasant, and worked in a timely manner. He also had been part of the team that worked on our sewer line earlier and remember us. We are very satisfied with the responsiveness and quality of the work. The service man on the job was Greg Thompson, number 8288. Thank you
Robert B. | Baltimore
The technician came on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend to fix a broken bathroom water supply line. He could not get the proper parts on a Sunday, but helped me order them and when they arrived he came promptly to repair the faucets. Could not have wished for better service.
Robert W. | Baltimore
I am so grateful for Darryl!! He helped me and my sister find some normalcy after the chaos of a broken water heater. Thank you so much for him.
Jasmine D. | Baltimore
I did not need to wait long and the plumber solved the problem.
Rachael K. | Baltimore
The service provided was done quickly and thoroughly.
David D. | Baltimore
This is my second time using Roto-rooter. Each time the scheduling was simple and the plumber arrived on schedule. The plumber was effecient, courteous, knowledgable and very friendly. I will definitely use RR again!
Patrick S. | Baltimore
Someone came within 1 hour of my call and took care of a clogged drain. I had poured several bottles of drain cleaner and the fumes were terrible. Would highly recommend Rotor Rooter.
Donna R. | Baltimore
Main sewer line was quickly cleared. Technician was at my house within an 30 minutes. Camera operator arrived at the scheduled time 3 days later. Service was excellent.
Karen J. | Baltimore
Septic tank back up was the cause of drain problem.
laura s. | Baltimore
Fantastic service and very personable technicians. All were kind clean and courteous ... no complaints!
Howard E. | Baltimore
Service was prompt and problem was solved. Technician was courteous and efficient. Thank you.
Iris M. | Baltimore
Fast, efficient, neat
James A. | Baltimore
Fast, efficient, neat
James A. | Baltimore
Excellent customer service. Great response time to an emergency situation. Professional workmanship. We'll never forget you.
gregory m. | Baltimore
excellent customer service. great response time to an emergency. professional workmanship. will never forget you.
gregory m. | Baltimore
Jimmy (1256) showed up quick, was very professional, and did a great job as well as being personally pleasant in answering questions,etc.
John I. C. | Baltimore
Everyone was great to work with. I will definitely keep Roto-Rooter on my Christmas list. :-)
Kevin S. | Baltimore
The service person came in a timely fashion and was very professional.
jacqueline j. | Baltimore
I called Roto Rooter on Saturday morning around 11 am. I had a representative at my house by 12:30 pm. Mr. Purcell #3755 was professional, helpful, courteous and efficient. He did a very good job. Thank you
LACHONE H. | Baltimore
Fast, courteous service. Very satisfied with my first experience with Roto-Rooter!
Melanie K. | Baltimore
You did well. Everything went as you said it would.
Michael S. | Baltimore
You did well. Everything went as you said it would.
Michael S. | Baltimore
I had used Roto-Rooter in the passed and their service is nothing but top notch. The customer service rep. called me to let me know the that the plumber technician was on his way and he arrived shortly after that. Khma was very professional he asked me what the problem was and got right on it. I only trust Roto-Rooter for all of my plumbing needs.
James W. | Baltimore
Fast, friendly, efficient
Suzanne K. | Baltimore
The gentleman who came out was wonderful! I recently became a widow and needed several things looked at. Although I originally called for a clogged drain in my bathtub, he spent 5 hours patiently explaining and fixing leaky faucets and a leaky toliet that mu husband tried to fix and never was able to complete due to his illness! My husband always contacted Roto Rooter and I will continue to do so!
Karen K. | Baltimore
I was very happy with my tech# 3755 he was very professional and polite... arrive on time before entering my home he put on his blue slippers .... he looked at my problem and told me what needed to be done... his customer service skills were outstanding.. you don't find that to often these days...
Claudette R. | Baltimore
Roto Rooter offers fast, toilet and effective plumbing support. Chuck was at my house within 45 minutes of my call to the office. He was nice and got right to it. I would highly recommend Roto Rooter to those in their area. A+++
John H. | Baltimore
Outstanding and professional service. The gentleman was fantastic.
Elizabeth G. | Baltimore
Good Job Quickly completed,
Ann B. | Baltimore
The technician was extremely careful as not to damage my property
Joseph L. | Baltimore
The Roto Rooter teams we met during our recent sewage backup were on time, responsive, professional, neat and thorough. I went through this in another house and did not use Roto Rooter. The difference Roto Rooter made was astounding. They were very careful with soil excavation and replacement.
Megan W. | Baltimore
courteous and careful plumber.
Charles B. | Baltimore
A few hours later after dealing with another plumbing company that could not get my kitchen sink unclogged, I called Roto Rooter. It was already 5pm, and I had my fingers crossed that a technician from Roto Rooter would be able to come out and fix the problem that same day. That's exactly what happened! I was told a Roto Rooter technician could be at my home by 7pm; instead, he was able to get to my house in 45 minutes. The technician's name was Charles. He was very friendly, extremely professional, and explained the problem and everything that he was doing. He fixed the problem in no time at all (unlike the other plumbing company that was at my house for over 2 hours). I am more than pleased with the service I received from Roto Rooter. If I have to contact a plumber again, it will be Roto Rooter, and I hope that Charles is the technician that shows up.
Jimmy Y. | Baltimore
2/29/16 Had outside drainage cleaned. The experience was first class on all levels. knowledgable and pleasant service person. Very good explanation of the problem and steps to help prevent the problem in the future. Completely happy
Larry W. | Baltimore
Dwayne did a great job on my plumbing problem. I am satisfied with all of the work they do.
Carol M. | Baltimore
Bask did an excellent job, very professional. Thanks for the prompt service.
Mel S. | Parkton
The service was excellent.
Wilma K. | Baltimore
The Plumber was very knowledgeable an professional. I was impressed when I talked to a live person when scheduling. Customer Service at its best!
Virginia S. | Baltimore
I have been very pleased with Roto Rooter. As you can tell from the records I utilize them all the time. They are all friendly and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I don't have a google account so I can't try and win the money. But Charles the plumber told me about it. He was very good. I rate him 5 stars as Roto Rooter 5 stars
carol m. | Baltimore
The two guys who came out to fix our burst pipe were outstanding. They were extremely professional, friendly, and stayed out of the way. They did their work quickly and perfectly cleaned the house afterwards (and we have very high standards). Dealing with a frozen pipe can be absolutely awful, but they made it as pleasant as possible.
Anthony S. | Baltimore
I would recommend this company to others. They were very professional--timely, considerate of my time, and informative. Even further, they did not try to sell me a product or service that I did not need. Gratefully, they informed me of the current discounts and coupons which saved me over $300, which is great because who doesn't want to save money!
Michelle C. | Baltimore
My tech, Chris Jones, was fantastic, He diagnosed and fixed the problem in record time and gave me good tips to keep the plumbing here running smoothly, Great guy, great experience.
elizabeth d. | Baltimore
Roto router was fast, efficient and friendly.
anne t. | Baltimore
your worker was very nice and he did a very good job.I,m so glad I call you and you are the best I,v had so far yet.i will call if I need you again. thank you,mrs eldridge
ronald E. | Baltimore
Once again - and so soon - RotoRooter to the rescue. In a misguided attempt to disconnect the outdoor hose, we broke the spigot off in our hands. Plastic, yes, and the water was turned off, but still... I called RR to see if this was within their purview, and naturally it was and someone would be there with in the next 2 1/2 hours. Well within that time frame, Lal Sanga arrived, assessed the situation, had to go get another part, but had it all fixed neatly and with humor within about an hour. High marks for all! And as much as I enjoy these experiences, I am hoping to not have to call RotoRooter again in the near future.
Susan S B. | Baltimore
Chuck came out on Christmas eve to fix our sump pump and get the ball rolling for the restoration . He was very professional and did a great job, we are so thankful for you guys. our Christmas could of been ruined but you guys helped save it. chuck #737 was our service guy.
Lindas M. | Sparrows Point
Tech 1037 Tony Occorio came to our office to clear our sewer. He was very polite and professional in everything he did. He did an outstanding job. When we have any future problems, I will request Tony to due our service. Thank you, Ron Cavey
ron c. | Baltimore
Our technician was friendly Professional did a great job. Cleaned up !! Showed up on time Asset to company Thank you roto rooter you saved thanksgiving for me
Victoria R. | Baldwin
I was very pleased with the quick and flexible scheduling for my sewer line backup. The technicians were very polite and professional and informed me of each step in the repair. I appreciated them being straight forward when discussing a potentially large problem. Thank you for the service
Stephen M. | Baltimore
I was very happy with the service I received during Purcell's visit. I had a plumbing problem on the weekend and Roto Rooter came within 4 hrs of me contacting them Purcell came in told me what he needed to do, told me how much and then got to work. He was so nice and fast. Will definitely use you again.
Roberta D. | Baltimore
Technician #3755 was an absolute sweetheart. Great workmanship, awesome presence. Was very helpful took the time to explain what happened and why my house was built in the 1920's. He also was very consciencious and made sure the work area was cleaned and left better than found. Is a real asset to ROTO ROOTER. Sincerely Ann Spooner
ann s. | Baltimore
Technician #3755 was an absolute sweetheart. Great workmanship, awesome presence. Was very helpful took the time to explain what happened and why my house was built in the 1920's. He also was very consciencious and made sure the work area was cleaned and left better than found. Is a real asset to ROTO ROOTER. Sincerely Ann Spooner
ann s. | Baltimore
Chuck Spidell (737) did an excellent job! He overcame some difficult problems when cleaning my shower drain and I will definitely request him the next time I need your services. Jim
James K. | Kingsville
Great and timely service. Tommy Bond was my jetting specialist prompt and professional! Two thumbs up. Got the job done and fast.
Chris I. | Baltimore
We were impressed by the service, particularly with the technician William. He arrived on time, was very personable and immediately assessed the situation and took care of our problem. A really good representative of your company.
George W. | Baltimore
Jimmy was great! Very patient and good at explaining what he was doing and the problems we had.
Mark B. | Baltimore
We were in a serious bind. After arriving from a week away we came home to a mess. Waste water from the sewer system had flooded part of our basement. The members of Roto-Rooter team that came into our home listened to our concerns and it was clear they knew how to resolve the problem and clean-up the mess. All of this was done in one day-- Amazing! Thank you Roto Rooter!
Alisha P. | Baltimore
Jimmy was friendly, professional, thorough and a real pleasure to work with. He is a true asset to your company.
Susan S. | Baltimore
Olu is so knowledgeable of his trade and the next time we need any plumbing services, we will try and request for him to come back. He was very courteous and professional and awesome customer service demeanor! We give him our utmost recommendation to everyone and hope his supervisor can see this comments.
Larry L. | Baltimore
Very Good Service. Easy to talk to the service man.
Laverne B. | Baltimore
The service was professional, friendly and thorough, despite the fact that it was late at night and on a holiday weekend.
Marilyn H. | Baltimore
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