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What's Wrong With My Toilet? | Roto-Rooter Yonkers

ToiletWithout a functioning toilet, the most important part of your bathroom won't work.

Issues with your toilet aren't always serious enough to require new models. Sometimes, the problems are minor and can be fixed with some DIY tips and tricks.

If your toilet isn't working or sounding like normal, here are some quick actions you can take back control of your bathroom.

Inspect the chain

If your toilet isn't flushing all the way, it could be a sign of issues with the lift/flapper chain, as there may be too much slack. Make sure it's hanging from the lever in a straight line relative to the flapper.

Both sides of the chain should be connected to something: one to the flapper and the other to a lever. This chain needs to be positioned in a straight line to the flapper while also being the correct length. Too long of a chain means the flapper can't reset after a flush.

Use needle-nose pliers if you need to adjust the length of the link chain or to bend hooks.

Trickling water

A constant hissing sound from a toilet indicates issues with the supply line.

Check the float, refill tube or ballcock, as one of these pieces is the likely culprit for making its way through the inlet-valve.

Fixing a toilet can be easy, but it can just as well be challenging because issues may be difficult to pinpoint. Call your local Yonkers Roto-Rooter today for help fixing a toilet.

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