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Roto-Rooter: Premier Among Worcester Toilet Plumbing Companies

Roto-Rooter: Premier Among Worcester Toilet Plumbing Companies

When you need a plumbing company to handle your Worcester toilet repair, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Our local plumbers are backed by more than 80 years of plumbing experience as part of the larger company. That means we know the industry and keep up with all the latest improvements and techniques, so you can trust us to get the work done right – and as quickly as possible. Call 508-757-1090 for Worcester plumbing services of every kind.

When to Replace Your Toilet

It’s something most of us don’t think about, but eventually you will need to replace your toilet. Here are a few ways to know it’s time to do so:

  • It leaks consistently (despite part replacement), has been damaged by past leaks, or has a cracked bowl or tank.
  • It was manufactured prior to 1994 and uses too much water per flush. Check out the EPA’s guidelines for choosing a water-efficient toilet.
  • It’s uncomfortable or no longer fits your needs (e.g., you want a higher toilet or a different style or color).

While there are plenty of resources for do-it-yourselfers to help you remove and install a new toilet on your own, Roto-Rooter’s plumbers are ready to provide professional help if you need it.

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

Leaking toilets may not always keep you from making use of your toilet, but it’s possible for them to cause unseen damage to your plumbing system or even your home. In addition, they can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on your utility bill, depending on the size of the leak. Furthermore, by fixing your leaking toilet, you’re being kind to the environment through water conservation.

It’s simple to test for leaks if you’re unsure you have one. Start by dropping food coloring into the tank of your toilet. Wait approximately 15 minutes and check whether there is color in the bowl. If yes, then there’s a leak.

Try the following options to fix your leaky toilet:

  • Replace the fill valve.
  • Replace the flapper valve.
  • Purchase and install a rebuild kit for the entire tank.
  • Replace your entire toilet with a newer model.

Of course, you always have the option of calling an experienced Roto-Rooter plumber for our Worcester toilet repair services.

If your problem isn’t a leaky toilet, but a clogged one, you may find our free video helpful.

Our Worcester Toilet Plumbing Services

Whether you’re experiencing a clogged, leaky, or otherwise damaged toilet, Roto-Rooter’s experienced plumbers can help. Because everyone uses the toilet, it’s an emergency when one stops working! That’s just one of the reasons we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. Not only that, but we’re available every day of the year as well, so even over the weekends, at night, and on holidays, you’re not without plumbing help. Since emergencies don’t consult your schedule, being available around-the-clock only makes sense to us.

Call for Roto-Rooter’s Worcester toilet plumbing services at 508-757-1090. Or, if you prefer, you can easily book an appointment online.

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