Plumbing Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel
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Plumbing Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel | Roto-Rooter Worcester

New bathroomIf you've lived in your home for a number of years or are just in the mood for something new, you might consider remodeling your bathroom. Before you begin, there are some plumbing considerations to make for a bathroom remodel.

Direct the water supply

It's important to successfully connect new water supply lines to the old ones. Homeowners should note that because these lines are pressurized, they can be run nearly anywhere. If you want to move fixtures or the room entirely, consult your local plumber to see how much time it would require as well as if it makes financial sense to make these changes. This could also help establish a clearer design for your remodel.

Watch your placement

The location of your fixtures could make a big difference to your plans. For example, the sink requires a vent to prevent water locks and slow drainage. This vent might also serve the toilet, so be mindful of where these appliances are placed in your new layout. The close proximity of the sink and toilet can also address drainage needs, but additional drainpipe can always be added.

How much services will cost

Homeowners often fear the bills for remodeling projects, but it will be worth it to get the bathroom you have always envisioned. For example, it may cost $500 to relocate a toilet in a room with a wooden subfloor. Of course, this price may differ depending on your area as well as what plumber you use. Call your local Worcester Roto-Rooter plumber today to help you remodel your bathroom.

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