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The Importance of Load Balancing | Roto-Rooter Utica

Washing machineBalancing laundry loads is one of those things you don't think about often, but can have a big impact on a washing machine.

Load balancing refers to the process of making sure the washer/dryer is on a level surface. You can tell when this is an issue because of unusually loud noises caused by the washer or dryer vibrating excessively.

Fixing a load balance issue isn't too difficult, although the sooner you do so, the better. Letting this seemingly small problem linger can actually cause damage to a washing machine.

Check the level

A washing machine needs to be leveled on all sides, otherwise it'll rock during the washing cycle. Make sure all the legs make contact with a solid floor. Avoid placing the machine on carpet because the material can throw off balancing. Luckily, these adjustments are relatively easy to make but some tools may be required.

How much are you loading?

Washing machines can handle a lot, but there is a limit. Check that your settings are appropriate for the capacity of load. Putting too much in the washer can cause overloading and load balancing issues. To see if overloading is the root of a balancing quirk, run a small load first.

Remember, keep laundry loads reasonable because stuffing everything in at once will have a negative impact on the machine.

When the issue persists

If load balancing remains an issue or your washing machine ends up breaking down and causing plumbing or drain trouble, contact the professionals at your local Utica, Michigan, Roto-Rooter. You don't want to run the risk of not having clean clothes for more than a few days.

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