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Quick Tips for Your Garbage Disposal | Roto-Rooter St. Paul

Watch what you put into your garbage disposalHomeowners are relying more on garbage disposals to remove waste and keep their kitchen clean. However, these appliances need to be treated right to keep running. Here are some quick tips for your garbage disposal:

1. Watch what you feed it

There are a number of things that cannot be processed by a garbage disposal, including grease, eggshells and stringy foods. It's important to adhere to these guidelines in order to prevent clogs and keep the disposal running smoothly. When using it properly, homeowners can reduce their overall trash creation.

2. Reset when frozen

If your disposal stops working or is frozen, it could just need to be reset. Always check your owner’s manual for clarification but the reset button is usually located under the sink on the bottom of the disposal unit. If your disposal is still frozen, call your local plumbing expert for an assessment of the issue.

3. Keep it clear and sharp

When a disposal is spinning, but not quite breaking up everything it should, there may be a clog, or the blades may not be sharp enough. For a blockage, turn off the disposal at the fuse box and use a broomstick or plunger handle to free the blades. You can sharpen the disposal blades by having them work on ice cubes. This will help prevent obstructions in the future.

Garbage disposals are an important part of any modern kitchen. Call your local St. Paul Roto-Rooter plumbing expert if you are having trouble with your garbage disposal.

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