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How to Tell If Your Toilet is Leaking | Roto-Rooter St. Louis

Bathroom toiletToilet leaks aren't fun to deal with. To most homeowners, toilets are just a porcelain throne where they only need to know how to work one thing, the handle. Opening up the tank may be a foreign land to them. So before you find yourself in the undesirable position of looking at water coming out of the toilet, here are some tips to see if it's leaking.


Leaks can often be spotted, or in some instances, heard. Silence all sources of noise and listen carefully for trickling or hissing sounds. But you'll need to listen closely, as water often moves through the tank silently.


If you're unable to hear signs of a toilet leak, you can proceed with removing the toilet lid and dropping between one and 10 drops of food coloring in the tank. Before you put the lid back on, it's important to not flush.

You'll then have to wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes until looking at the toilet bowl. If the water isn't colored, you're in luck because there's no leak.

If the colored water has made it into the bowl, you have a leak.

You can check the flapper for sediment or debris build up. Hopefully clearing out the flapper will solve the leak because valve replacement can be more expensive.

Serious toilet leaks

More serious toilet leaks can require replacing the fill valve or toilet gaskets. Both procedures can be completed on your own.

Keep in mind you'll need to drain the toilet, turn off the supply valve and flush the fixture. Self-repairs can usually be finished in less than one day.

But during times of emergencies, your local St. Louis Roto-Rooter provides 24-hour emergency services for toilet replacement or repair.

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