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Do You Need to Call a Plumber? | Roto-Rooter St. Louis

Installing new plumbing requires a professional's help.As great as it is to be able to tackle DIY plumbing successfully, sometimes you will inevitably find yourself in over your head. A lot of plumbing issues require the help of a professional and let’s be honest, everyone wants the issue to get resolved correctly the first time. Here are some of the most common plumbing-related problems that you should definitely call a professional for:

Installing New Equipment

While you don't need to call a plumber to replace or install the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom if you're confident in following the instructions that come in the package, a tub or toilet installation  can be more complicated. These fixtures tend to be much more complicated than a simple faucet or spigot, and you definitely don't want to have to tear the whole thing out and start over if you realize that you messed something up. There may even be permits involved that you're unaware of. A plumber can make sure everything is done correctly the legal way on the first try.

Water heater issues

It's tough for someone who isn't a trained plumber to know what's wrong with a hot water heater when it stops heating the home's water. Many people believe that simply tightening valves or changing the temperature controls is the solution to the problem, when it's likely more than just a quick fix. DIY fixes on water heaters have the potential to be dangerous if done wrong. Call your local St. Louis Roto-Rooter to make sure the problem is solved and not just held off until it breaks again.

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