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What are the Options for Sewer Line Repair?

New sewer lineIf your Staten Island home is close to a tree, then your main sewer line may be in danger of root intrusion. Extensive root systems can find their ways into pipes as they search for water. The result is pipe damage as well as reduced water flow, due to the hair-like masses of the roots.

Roots are not the only cause of underground plumbing damage, though. Harsh winters, grease buildup and just normal wear and tear left unattended can all result in major issues such as water backups. What can you do to avoid such situations?

1. Get regular cleanings of your pipes

A licensed, insured plumber can stop by your home on a regular basis (perhaps once a year) to inspect and rod the line. This is usually a simple process that involves the plumber opening the pipe cleanout and using a special tool to remove debris like roots and accumulated grease.

2. Use root removal solutions

Either on your own or with the help of a plumber, you can take advantage of a solution such as RootX to ensure that roots are kept in check. This mix of chemicals is easy to use, highly effective and environmentally safe - you don't have to worry about it contaminating nearby water.

3. Consider pipe relining or sewer line repair

If the pipe is damaged enough that a simple cleaning won't help, a plumber can go further and perform a relining or full sewer line repair. There are options for traditional and trenchless repair. A relining uses epoxy to effectively create a new pipe inside the old one.

Sewer line damage is common, but fixable. By having your local Staten Island Roto-Rooter professional plumber to can call on, you can ensure that you are covered no matter what happens to your plumbing.

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