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Inspecting the Sump Pump | Roto-Rooter Seattle

Seattle WAAlmost every home is built with a sump pump, and for good reason.

This piece of equipment is typically found in a house's basement and helps remove rain water that had previously been accumulating.

With an average rainfall total of 34.1 inches, the Seattle, Washington, area is used to rain. A common misperception is that it's always raining in the area. And while it does, it's not raining 24/7, 365 days out of the year.

Even so, Seattle homeowners will still want to check their sump pump every so often to ensure everything is functioning properly.

The earlier you spot potential issues, the better. You don't want to risk your basement flooding because of a faulty sump pump. So here are some ways to inspect the equipment. Additionally, don't hesitate to call a professional plumbing service for any help you may need.


If you own an electric sump pump, you'll want to first plug it in to ensure it's properly working. The cord should also be inspected because over time it could wear out.

On the other hand, if you own a battery powered sump pump you'll need to remember to replace the batteries as recommended by the manufacturer.

The pumps should also be standing upright and not laying on the side. Otherwise, they will not work as intended. You'll also know if something is wrong if the sump pump emits unusual noises.

Sump pumps are essential to remove water from your basement and if you need help repairing one, don't hesitate to call your local Seattle Roto-Rooter professional plumber.

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