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3 Projects To Complete Before Winter | Roto-Rooter Seattle

Make sure your gutters are clean before winter hits.Winter is coming, and for Seattle, that means having to deal with lots of grey or dark days along with rain and some snow. Here are some projects you'll want to complete before then:

1. Clean your gutters.

Your gutters and downspouts are essential for directing water away from your home. If they are clogged, that could mean trouble for you and your foundation when spring comes. For homeowners with large trees, clean your gutters once the leaves have mostly fallen. If you find a stubborn clog in your downspouts call a plumbing expert for help reaching this space and clearing it appropriately.

2. Manage outdoor valves and hoses.

Homeowners may use outdoor spouts and hoses to maintain their lawn or garden, but right now is the time to winterize them. Leaving a hose connected can freeze leftover water and freeze your connecting pipes and faucets. It will be important to wrap up and store your hose as well as drain and close the shut-off valves that lead outside. Along with getting an insulated outdoor spout cover. Leaving your outdoor spout exposed to the cold winter weather could lead to damage or the freezing of your pipes inside your home.

3. Insulate your pipes.

Although the average low in Seattle is only 36 degrees Fahrenheit, it's still possible that your pipes can freeze if the temperatures dip lower. If this happens, water will freeze and expand, causing leaks or even a burst in your system. You can wrap a foam tube around your exposed pipes to keep them working in the cold temperatures.

Homeowners have a lot to consider as they prepare for winter, but these three projects must be completed before the colder months set in. Call your local Seattle Roto-Rooter plumbing expert today to help get your plumbing in gear for winter.

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