Where is That Leak Coming From? | Roto-Rooter Reading
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Where is That Leak Coming From? | Roto-Rooter Reading

Dripping faucetDo you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system? It can be an annoying thing trying to figure out where the leak is coming from and patch it before it turns into a bigger issue, but it's a must.

First, check for the leak itself. Turn off all sources of water in your home and take note of what your water meter says. Then, check back after about 15 minutes or so and see whether or not the meter has moved. If it has, there could very well be a leak in your system.

Find it fast

After you determine that there is, in fact, a leak in your plumbing somewhere, it's critical to find it quickly and get it repaired before your monthly water bill goes up any more. The majority of leaks happen at or near plumbing fixtures, so you should first take a look around your shower, tub, toilet and sinks in order to rule these locations out. In addition, you can check the pressure valve on your hot water tank.

Another common spot you can check for leaks is in the meter line. If you haven't found any suspicious spots in the house next to your plumbing appliances, checking the meter line should be your next step. Look for signs of a leak, like muddy areas or grass that is greener than other parts of your yard.

The easiest way to find a stubborn leak is to consult the professionals. Get in touch with your local Reading Roto-Rooter experts today for help with all your leaky needs.

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