Everyday Plumbing Tips For Your Kitchen, Part 2 | Roto-Rooter Raleigh
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Everyday Plumbing Tips For Your Kitchen, Part 2 | Roto-Rooter Raleigh

Raleigh NCIn the first part of this series, we discussed some kitchen plumbing tips for your home in Raleigh. Let's pick up where we left off and consider a few other things you can do to avoid common issues with your plumbing system.

Set up strainers on your drains

Kitchen drains become less efficient over time. This is due to the accumulation of soaps, fats and cooking oils in the pipes connected to them. One way to avoid this slowdown is by installing a strainer on top of your drains.

These nets keep hair and solid matter out of your home's plumbing system. You should also avoid pouring oily liquids down the sink and instead put them into the trash. A plumber can help you out if the drain eventually becomes too clogged to use.

Fix leaks in your instant hot water dispenser

Instant hot water dispensers are useful for making a quick cup of coffee or tea. But they can easily break or leak. The problem is often with a valve or filter inside the device.

You should replace the filter every six months. A home plumber can help you diagnose the cause of a leak and ensure that it gets fixed as quickly as possible.

Taking care of leaks and damages is essential in your Raleigh home, so that you can avoid water accumulation. Your local Raleigh Roto-Rooter professional plumbers are on call 24/7 to assist you with all of these issues and many more.

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