Everyday Kitchen Plumbing Tips, Part 1 | Roto-Rooter Raleigh
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Everyday Kitchen Plumbing Tips, Part 1 | Roto-Rooter Raleigh

Raleigh NCRaleigh, NC is home to 439,896 people according to Raleigh’s city website. The city has has many economic, educational and cultural amenities. But like North Carolina as a whole, it faces unique plumbing issues due to the state's low elevation and high water table. Let's look at some kitchen plumbing tips that can help you out in your home.

Be mindful of garbage disposals

A garbage disposal is a powerful appliance if used correctly. Unfortunately, it is often improperly handled. Bones and other brittle materials like plastic and metal, as well as any oils and fats, should not be put into a garbage disposal, since they are designed only to process light food residue.

If your disposal stops working, try resetting (most models have a switch for this). Alternatively, you can cut the power to it and inspect with a flashlight to find obstructions. Never put your actual hand down the disposal, even when it's off; use pliers or tweezers to snatch the problematic debris. Run cold water before, during, and after using the disposal to help with flow.

Maybe the disposal is broken and in need of a replacement. Your local Raleigh Roto-Rooter plumbing professional can perform a quick installation for you to ensure everything is hooked up properly. He or she can also help you with any garbage disposal leaks, which often originate from faulty seals or dishwasher connections.

We'll discuss two more kitchen plumbing tips in the second part of this series.

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