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Roto-Rooter’s Port St. Lucie Toilet Plumbing Services

Roto-Rooter’s Port St. Lucie Toilet Plumbing Services

Florida may be a magical place to live, but even its residents can’t avoid mundane things like a clogged or leaking toilet. Thankfully, residents of Port St. Lucie have Roto-Rooter on hand 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our Roto-Rooter Port St. Lucie plumbers are skilled at a variety of plumbing tasks, including toilet repair, replacement and installation. 

Reasons Your Toilet May Be Clogging

Whether you’ve flushed too much toilet paper or your tree roots have found their way into your plumbing pipes, most homeowners experience the occasional clogged toilet. However, some people battle more clogs than others – and there might be a deeper reason behind it, including:

  • You’ve got an older toilet.
  • You’ve got a blocked trap between your bowl and drain line. This may require a professional plumber at a Port St. Lucie clogged toilet service like Roto-Rooter.
  • You’ve got a clogged drain line thanks to buildup over time or blockage for any number of reasons, including damaged drain pipes.

For help fixing your toilet problem, call to schedule a visit from one of our Port St. Lucie plumbers at 772-224-3298 or take a look at our DIY video online.

How to Improve Toilet Performance

It’s a common fact that every toilet will eventually stop working as well as it did when brand new. Perhaps yours doesn’t flush as well as it used to, or it leaks regularly. Maybe your water bill has grown exponentially higher than it used to be. Whatever the problem, a few ways to improve your toilet’s performance include:  

  • A quick test for leaks using food coloring that’s placed in the toilet’s tank. If the color appears in the bowl 15 minutes later, you have a silent leak.
  • Regular inspection of the toilet’s parts, including the flush valve, tank ball, flapper, flush lever, seat disc, seal, chain and more to check for signs of wear.
  • Open and close the shut off valve to ensure that it moves freely.
  • Replacement of the toilet’s parts or the entire toilet to use less water per flush.

The Consequences of a Leaking Toilet

Did you know that a leaky toilet can be detrimental to the health of your plumbing system? And it’s possible to have a leak and not even know it. You’ll want to resolve a leaky toilet ASAP because of the following consequences:

  • A higher utility bill
  • Wasted water, a precious resource
  • Potential damage to your home

For around-the-clock Port St. Lucie toilet repair service, call Roto-Rooter at 772-224-3298 or schedule a service online.

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