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Pimped Out John on The Today Show



Home renovation projects are definitely hot right now. People are adding all sorts of goodies to their homes, from elegant theaters to new kitchen appliances and other electronic creature comforts. Well now, there's a company offering all those things in one very unusual location. CNBC's Jane Wells has the story. What if you could run your whole life out of one room? Forget everything you've ever thought about bathrooms, meet the "Pimped Out John" from Roto-Rooter. "This is the seat of power." Roto-Rooter is trying to reintroduce itself to a new generation. So the company is giving away the ultimate throne. A toilet with everything but the kitchen sink. It's got a flat screen HDTV, iPod and dock, TiVo, Xbox 360, and DVD player. There's a laptop, blow horn, bike pedals, beer tap, fridge, and the toilet. It's a Kohler Power Flush. "Which is a 1.4 gallon flush, which is not weak." And if there's a plumbing problem, "we have a Roto-Rooter emergency button, if something does go wrong, you can hit that." "This, by far, blows anything I've ever seen out of the water." "It's not something I'd like to have, it's something I'd kill for." Roto-Rooter spends more than $30 million bucks a year on Yellow Pages advertising. It has spent tens of thousands on the toilet contest, hoping to bring some edge to its brand with consumers who don't remember the old jingle. "Roto-Rooter, that's the name..." "for service and repair, something like that." [laughs] And who knows? Maybe the contest will even teach men to take better care of the bathroom. "You've got this investment, you don't want it to look junky." "I mean if I had something like this, I would never leave the bathroom." For Weekend Today, Jane Wells, CNBC Los Angeles. And here it is! Live and in person in our very own studio, the Roto-Rooter "Pimped Out John," that's what they call it, I didn't make it up. Are you believing this? No! You know how you can tell that a female set this up? Why? The toilet seat's down! That's the first thing I noticed, the toilet seat's in the wrong position. Okay, what's your favorite? You know, this is me! I mean there's the TiVo, the DVD, the beer's not a bad idea. I would go with a bigger TV, but that's me, that's just a personal taste. I have to show you one thing that I just think is unbelievable. There is a button here, you see this red button, that you press. It says, the directions say, "in case of an emergency hit this spot. Are you ready? Yeah, what's the emergency? Run for your life, it's gonna blow! You don't want a Roto-Rooter explosion. I said earlier this gives a new meaning to the term "download." The jokes are so bad! The potty humor in here today has been unbelievable, whoever makes this will be flushed with money when it's all over. Anyway, do we have time for any more puns? No, no, go to commercial. Today we continue our look at the 15-Minute Weekend with some creative ways to speed clean your kitchen.