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How to Use a Roto Rooter Machine

The electric motor spins the cable and blade like a drill bit. The blade is sharp and sometimes serrated. Being spring-loaded, the blade is designed to rest against the pipe walls so that as it spins, it cuts away roots right down to the pipe walls. The user must proceed cautiously, letting out a little more cable in a gradual process. The dangerous part comes when the blade meets thick roots or a hard obstruction. The cable often shutters as the blade struggles to cut through the clog. If the user is not careful, the blade can get stuck but while the cable continues to spin. This can cause the cable to wrap around itself in a big knot. Or worse, the cable simply builds up torque until the blade finally cuts through the root mass. When this occurs, the cable can will release its torque and if the user isn’t gripping it right, it can get loose and wrap around the user’s finger, hand or arm.

Like any power tool, a Roto-Rooter or other electric sewer cleaning machine can be dangerous for a layman to operate. That’s why we recommend that homeowners leave this often dangerous job to the professionals at Roto-Rooter. Call 800-768-6911 or click here to schedule fast, residential or commercial sewer and drain service 24/7/365.