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Possible Reasons Behind Your High Water Bill | Roto-Rooter Pittsburgh

Nobody likes to receive their water bill and find that it's astronomically higher than it was the month before. Many people are taken by surprise when their water bill goes up, and the company doesn't typically have much to offer in terms of a resolution. Luckily, there are a few different culprits that you can investigate yourself if you find that your bill surprisingly spikes from month to month:

Your toilet is running

If your toilet sounds like it is still trying to finish a flush there is a high chance you have a running toilet.  If you flush your toilet and find that it continues running for a long time, try taking the lid off of the tank and adjusting the flapper. If that doesn't work, try putting a dye tablet inside after it fills up, then check to see if there is any dye in the bowl after a little while. This is a good way to know if there is a leak in the toilet.

You are using more water

Chances are, you realize that your water bill fluctuates from season to season. In the summer, it may be higher because you're watering your lawn, your kids may be home from college, or more showers are taken due to the hot weather. Before investigating the bill further, try to deduce if your usage has changed.

You have a leak elsewhere

Faucet dripWhile the toilet is the most common source of leaks, they can also occur in tougher places to investigate, like under your home. A good indicator of an outdoor leak is random wet spots in your yard or a leaking outdoor spigot. Assess all of your faucets indoors and outdoors to make sure they don't leak when you're not looking.

If you can’t find the source of your higher water bill or you do find yourself in over your head with repairs, call your local Pittsburgh Roto-Rooter today.

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